Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Review: Maange Makeup Brush Dryer from AliExpress


Last month I was browsing Aliexpress, looking at cheap acrylic storage, when I came across this makeup brush dryer. I had never seen anything like it, so I ordered one to see what it was like. It cost $11.27 USD with free shipping which is just under €10.

The dryer took just under a month to get here, which is pretty okay going by Aliexpress shipping times. I have found that it tends to take a little longer than eBay, but everything I've ever ordered here has gotten here safely - just choose a seller with good feedback.

Anyway, I am a tit. And here is why. When I got this, I was a bit underwhelmed by the fact that the ones on the site were white or black, and I got a brown one that looked like MDF. It's plastic, and I thought it looked a bit meh, but that maybe I'd brighten it up with acrylics at some stage. I literally only just realised this minute that it's backing paper. That I need to peel off.

I'm a gobshite.

Anyway - I have the photos done and the brushes washed so we shall have to bear with the backing paper for now! Here's what it looks like in reality.

The one I chose has space for four big brushes, six medium brushes, and sixteen small brushes. I managed to squeeze face brushes into the medium holes too, which was handy. There are ones with all big holes or all small holes, you can have a look at those here.

To use this, wash your brushes (I use Daiso, aka the Holy Grail of brush cleaners), squeeze out as much excess water as you can, take the top flat part of the dryer off, and stand the brushes up in the holes. Don't push them down too hard.

When it's full, turn it upside down and pop the top back on the stand.

And there you go! Job done. Put it somewhere warm and your brushes will dry. I put mine on top of a couple of books in front of the radiator overnight, and they were all pretty much 100% dry in the morning - except my big Blank Canvas face brush, that took a little longer.

Finding somewhere to lay a long towel for brushes to dry has been, frankly, a pain in the arse lately, so this is ideal.


  1. Ha that's the maddest make-up accessory I've seen in ages!! I've just picked up cute desktop lipstick holders in Tiger that can hold nine emergency red lippies :-)
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

    1. Oh I wish we had a Tiger here, not that I need any more novelty stuff but I've seen pictures of really cute storage things from there! Homestore + More are good too :)

  2. That's deadly and so handy.....something like that might actually make me want to wash my brushes!!!

  3. Have you had those Nima brushes for a while, Sharon? Saw loads of first impressions reviews and think they're gorgeous. How are they holding up?

    1. Would you believe they're not Nima at all, the white ones are Nanshy - got two of them and a blender in Jan and they are lovely but no different to any other brand really, much the same quality as Blank Canvas. The blue ones are a set of 12 that I got on eBay last year, they're branded "Jessop" - will get the link for you, I find them great! The kabuki ones wouldn't be as dense as Sigma, but they are similar quality again to Blank Canvas or any of the private label brushes. I've washed them multiple times now and they're still as good as the day I got them! Will send you link.

  4. Such an ingenious idea and I love it!!! I need one in my life right NOW haha By the way I PMSL when you said about the backing paper xx


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