Monday, February 9, 2015

NARS Audacious lipsticks in Barbara & Vanessa


In this post, I will be referring to lipstick as "she". This is my happy place, judge all you want.

I had been drooling over the NARS audacious lipsticks for a long time before I decided on the colours I was going to buy. I looked at endless swatches on all types of skintones and eventually picked three - Anna, Barbara, and Vanessa.

Anna seems to be continually out of stock on every website I check, so I gave up on her. Barbara was a nightmare to track down but I managed to nab her in a Brown Thomas re-stock one evening. Vanessa proved a little harder - she was one of a number of shades exclusive to Barneys New York. I was delighted when I realised that the Barneys shades are available on the NARS European site - but again, Vanessa was out of stock. Until I chanced it one day and managed to add her to my bag - she showed up as out of stock again immediately afterwards, and I heard nothing for over a week - but she arrived via DPD last Thursday!

I love everything about these lipsticks. The packaging, that magnetic click when you close them, the creamy formula, the non-drying feel on the lips, the immediate wash of colour - I LOVE THEM.

They look similar, yes. I know. But Barbara is a more classic brown-toned nude, whereas Vanessa is a dusky pink-toned nude.

Please excuse the expressions in these photos, they range from bitchface to duckface and I can't defend them, haven't a clue what I was at. I was also a bit heavy handed with the highlighter that day going by these pictures....

Here's Barbara in direct light:


And........out......of direct light:

Here's Vanessa in direct light (duckface alert):

And normal light:

If I had to choose one I'd probably choose Vanessa, she's a bit warmer and a bit less 90s than Barbara. But Barbara is still gorgeous, and I'm glad I got both.

You can buy NARS online at Brown Thomas, House of Fraser, ASOS, and NARS eu.


  1. Ah these girls are beauties! Must pick up another one of these!

  2. They both suit you to a T. I've heard nothing but amazing things about these lipsticks. Your eyebrows are perfect by the way.x

  3. Ooh, Vanessa! She's purdy. I can't believe I still have none of these!!

  4. OMG love vanessa!! Being looking for a shade like this in ages! thanks

    Hope you can follow me back :)


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