Monday, February 16, 2015

Jewellery from eBay, River Island, Penneys, Jewel Citizens & The Button and Bow Factory


I haven't done a good jewellery haul post in ages. I love all the dainty little layered necklaces that are around at the moment, but in the name of the sweet baby jesus how do people wear them without getting them all tangled up? I have to take mine off regularly and shake them out because they end up all knotted around each other. If you have any tips on how to avoid this, please do let me know!

First up, I picked up a couple of cheap bits on eBay a while ago. Please excuse the stock photos, I forgot to photograph mine.

Gold double necklace - €0.70, here. (this is listed as gold plated, but you know yourself. It's not.)
Beige statement necklace - €3.30 here.

River Island
I placed an order with River Island online in January - I bought a beautiful powder blue bag that I'll show you in a "What's in my Bag" post soon - I picked up a little silver coin purse too, and when I saw that I was just a few euro away from free delivery, I added these earrings to my order. They're absolutely perfect for every day wear.

Gold tone knot studded earrings, €4.00 here.


I'm nearly sure that the double silver one in the middle was €2, the other two were €3 each.

I wouldn't be mad about the drop earrings in this pack - but the tiny gold studs are the perfect size for when I want to wear studs in the piercings at the top of my ear, so that's why I got these. €3.

Jewel Citizens
Jewel Citizens is owned by Irish jewellery designer and all-round creative wizard Merle O'Grady. Merle has sourced hundreds of pieces by independent designers and brought them all together on the one website alongside some of her own designs. The prices are fantastic - I took advantage of the January sales and picked up some really unique, lovely pieces. And the packaging! It's beautiful. Everything came wrapped in black tissue paper, with little cards on how to care for my new pieces, and little black pouches - plus a little note from Merle (can you hear me fangirling?).

The necklace is sold out, unfortunately - but there are still loads of really nice hologram items available from LA brand Vant Jag on the site here. The hologram studs are still on sale for €11, you can grab them here.

The Delilah Dust pendant is sold out, but there are similar pendants still available here from €9. The Unicorn pendant by Me & Zena is also gone, unfortunately, but you can still get some really cool Me & Zena pendants here.

I love the "Merle's Picks" section of the site. This isn't mass produced stuff like the Penneys things I showed up there - the website is full to the brim of really quirky interesting things that you aren't going to see every second person wearing. I adore the site, and when I'm finished saving to get my teeth fixed I'm coming back for more! If you sign up to the newsletter you can get 20% off your first order on top of sale prices - which is what I did. Seriously, my entire order was around forty quid, which is pretty decent for the quality of the jewellery. Every Friday you'll get a really sweet e-mail too, that you should definitely read. It puts me in good humour every single week!

The Button and Bow Factory
I had never ordered from The Button and Bow Factory before, but when I saw a tweet one night about an item on sale, I clicked through for a look. I spotted this beauty on sale for a tenner with free delivery and bought it straight away.

The site has free worldwide delivery on all orders, and there are still some nice things left in the sale section here. They have some gorgeous new stock in too (like this cloud necklace - the cuteness!). I loved the vibrant lilac colour on this necklace, and have worn it already a few times with a navy chiffon top from Penneys and a black and white striped vest.

I think I've more than quenched my jewellery thirst.............for now, anyway.........


  1. The Delilah Dust pendant is beautiful! And while I wouldn't wear the drop earrings from Penneys, I really like the jewel tones

    1. It is nice, it's not overly long either which is great, usually pendants end up hiding under the neck of my jumper but this one sits nicely! Also like the colours of the Penneys ones but they're a bit 90s x

  2. You got some fantastic bargains and all so pretty. I'm definitely going to go check out Jewel Citizens :-) x


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