Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Glossybox February


I was all geared up to do my second Beauty Box Battle so was waiting for my Chic Treat Club box - but there won't be one! Sadly, Chic Treat Club is no more, which I was really sad to hear. I didn't have a great first box and was sure that things would look up this month - but things were not to be, unfortunately. Still, they had a great year and I wish Amy and Darren all the best with their new adventure!

So - that leaves me with just the one monthly subscription, for Glossybox.

This month was a love themed box, and it was a cutie:

Inside were five products and a little mini pack of Love Hearts (not pictured) that I fully intended to eat on Valentine's Day but gave them to my son when he spotted them.

There were three full-sized products in this month's box, and two samples.

Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor

I was delighted to see this - it retails for €12.99 on the Boots website (refills are €11.39 for a pack of 3). I've been meaning to buy a proper razor for ages and just never got round to it, so this was very welcome. Full size.

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Fifty Shades

I'm not familiar with mineral eyeshadow - this looked a bit scary in the pot. I thought it would be really dark, but when I swatched it, it's actually an incredibly pigmented steel grey colour that would look amazing with a dark smokey eye look. This is also a full size product and retails for £14.49/€19.60 on the marsk website.

Royal Apothic Tinties Lip Butter in Coral

This is so cute! The packaging is gorgeous, and the lip butter itself is really nice. It made my lips feel smooth and *insert word that rhymes with hoist*, and it had a lovely coconut scent. It's another full size product, and retails at $14/€12.30.

So Susan Rose Quarted Lip & Cheek Palette

Leaving aside my opinion that lipstick in palettes should join baked beans and ventriloquist dummies on a special shelf in the seventh level of hell, this is a complete dud. While the outside cardboard box looks cute and appealing, the compact looks and feels cheap, like play make-up from one of those sets I had as a child. It's not even filled properly - look:

I can safely say that I would not wear any of the colours on either my lips or my cheeks - I found them very old fashioned. I gave this away to someone approaching their sixties who was delighted with it. Here's a quick swatch:

This was a sample sized product, the full size retails at $12/€10.50 and you can look at it here. Sample estimated at €5.25

Face D 3-Luronics Anti Dark Circles Eye Cream

I've seen some other people get a hair product or brow product as their fifth item, but I was SO glad to receive this. Face D isn't a brand I've tried before, but my dark circles are reaching ridiculous levels over the past few weeks and this promises to reduce them FOREVER. See? Says right there on the front. FOR.EV.ER. Do I believe it? No. Will I use it? Hell yes. Delighted! The full size of this costs €22.95 for 15ml at Lloyds Pharmacy. The sample was 7ml, estimated at €11.50.

So - overall I was delighted with the box. It cost me under €18, the total value was a massive €61.64. The razor and lip tintie were my favourites, followed by the eye cream and mineral eyeshadow. I thought the variety was really good this month.

Nicely done, Glossybox.


  1. Ha I like how you pawned off the palette on some poor old lady!! I think I did have one of these palettes as a kid from the Pound Shop :-)
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

    1. Oh my god I know it sounds awful!!! She spotted it on the table and was all "oh they're such lovely colours" so I gave it to her, I thought it was horrible!! x


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