Friday, January 30, 2015

Zoeva Complete Eye Set


Up until about two years ago, I applied my foundation with my hands, my eyeshadow with my fingers, and fake tan with a sock. I had one bronzing brush that I used for blusher, powder and bronzer. The first proper brush I bought was the Sigma F80 - and so began my obsession.

Recently, after the launch of the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection, I had a good look around to see if I could get a decent set of brushes at a better price, and one name kept cropping up.

This is the Zoeva 12 piece eye set, and she is a beauty.

I know that the rose gold set seems to be popular, but I like the simplicity of black and silver, so I went for that. Plus the rose gold wasn't in stock.

The brushes all come with plastic protectors, in this lovely little bag.

There are twelve brushes in the set, and each one has a number on the side along with a description of what it does. I really wish all brushes had that - sometimes I haven't a clue what to do with a particular brush, so this is incredibly helpful. Here's what you get:

142 - Concealer Buffer

224 - Luxe Defined Crease

226 - Smudger

227 - Luxe Soft Definer

228 - Luxe Crease

230 - Luxe Pencil 

231 - Luxe Petit Crease

234 - Luxe Smoky Shader

237 - Detail Shader

315 - Fine Liner

317 - Wing Liner

322 - Brow Line

They're gorgeous brushes, so soft and really sturdy. They cost €60 for the set on the Zoeva website (plus €7.50 for shipping via DHL). Even at €67.50 that's working out as €5.60 per brush, which is a great price for something that's really good quality. Personally I'd rather a lower price and not bother with the bag, but I suppose it is handy if you're travelling or working, or if your brushes don't fit in your makeup bag.

There are lots of other different sets available, including face brushes and smaller eye sets. Zoeva are also available on a couple of other websites - there's a stockist list for Europe and the U.S on the Zoeva site here.


  1. I really wanna get some of these, been holding off in Jan due to a spending ban!!

    1. I'm on a ban now, hopefully you can get your hands on them, they are lovely! x

  2. They look lovely! I've seen these brushes used in YouTube tutorial and always wondered what they were like :) x

    1. They're really nice, I'd say they're similar in quality to Blank Canvas, the odd one or two seem to be better. It's a nice set x

  3. I've wanted to try this brand for the longest time and always shy away because of the price. I'm so jealous, they are gorgeous looking! I'd really love to try some of their eye shadow palettes too. Mmmm, make up :D x

    1. I didn't even know they did makeup, not going to look! They are lovely, nice to have a good set x


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