Thursday, January 22, 2015

Makeup Revolution - Lipstick and Blusher Review


Makeup Revolution seems to be cropping up everywhere at the minute. A few weeks ago, I placed a small order with their website just to see how it compared to other similar budget brands (E.L.F, MUA). I ordered two of their Amazing lipsticks, one of their Lip Hug lipsticks, and one I Heart Makeup Blusher.

The blusher is in the shade Candy Queen of Hearts, you can find it here for €6.30. This was the main reason I wanted to place an order - I saw a very, very similar Too Faced blusher on a couple of websites and wanted to try it, but this looked pretty much identical.

There are two other shades available, but I liked this one. The cardboard packaging is okay, I don't like that white plastic bit on the inside but for just over €6 it's fine - the blusher itself is lovely, I'll give you a look at it further down the page.

The Amazing lipsticks (all shades here) are priced at an incredibly low price - just €1.26. I chose two, Treat and The One. I also picked one from the Lip Hug range (shades here) for €3.16 in the shade Still Missing My Baby.

L-R: Still Missing My Baby, Treat, and The One.

I'm going to get the worst one out of the way first - I don't know what I was thinking when I picked this colour, to be honest. I googled swatches, I looked up different blog posts, and I still thought it was a good idea. Anyway - Still Missing My Baby is a very dark vampy burgundy shade, and it showed me that I can not apply lipstick if it isn't in a standard bullet.

Come, take a trip up my nostrils and I'll show you some swatches on the lips. I'm wearing that blusher in all of the pictures too.

I'm so cack-handed it's unreal - I should have done this with a brush and liner. It's a nice shade, it's just much too dark for my skin tone. It has serious lasting power, there were still traces of it on my lips (and hand) for hours after I removed it. So be careful when you apply it, unlike me!

Next up is Treat, a very 90's colour that wouldn't be out of place on the set of Season 1 of Friends.

I love this colour so much, it's much more subtle than it looks in the bullet. It lasted ages and it felt nice and creamy (absolutely hate that word).

Last up is The One, a paler nude.

I have to say that even though it's much paler than the nudes I usually go for, I really liked it. Again it wasn't drying, and lasted ages.

My overall impression of Makeup Revolution is good - there a couple of little things that I'm not crazy about, but they're mainly packaging related. You're not going to get that satisfying Estée Lauder magnetic click from something that costs under €1.50, and there's a chance that the lid might go for a walk in your bag, but overall the few things I tried were of a similar quality to any other budget brand and I'd be happy to purchase from them again.

Postage on my order was €6.25, which was pricey, but my entire order still came to just over €18 - not too shabby. I know that they have some amazing eye palettes, and some fab looking shadows and blushers.

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution yet?


  1. Haven't tried anything from them, I like that blusher!

    1. I just saw on their facebook page that they have added a range of highlighters in the heart shaped box and some bronzer and another blush shade! I'd love to try the highlighter, the blush was lovely. Killed my want for the too faced one!! x

  2. I really like the look of Missing My Baby on the bullet, but it would be far too dark on me. Shame, 'cos I do love a dark lip I just find them hard to make work.

    1. I loved it when I saw it on swatches, it's such a vampy kinda Isabella Rossellini 90s shade! But alas, far too dark for me too. My sister can pull off dark shades really well so this is going in the Stephanie box :)

  3. Treat is very cute on you and I'm glad to not be the only cack handed blogger with lipstick!!

    1. It's a great colour, still can't believe the price! Oh dear god you're definitely not the only one, I am shocking, I think that's why I have so many nudes - they're foolproof!! x

  4. Great post, this is a brand I'd never tried so was v interested to hear how you got on. I think the burgundy is a lovely colour on you but I agree, with a shape like that I can only work with sheers or nudes or get them everywhere too!

    1. Thanks Emma! I just find those sticks so hard to work with, they definitely need to go on with a brush! The brand was fine - the bits I tried anyway. I know their palettes are popular, I'd definitely rather buy this for a younger relative interested in makeup.


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