Friday, January 30, 2015

Beauty Box Battle #1 - Glossybox VS Chic Treat Club January 2015


A spending ban is long overdue for me, so I decided that I'd finally take the plunge and sign up to a beauty box subscription or two to satisfy my need for "stuff". Think of it as hibernation - in preparation for the stuff I won't be buying in shops or chemists, I've made sure that I can still get stuff. Plus, it's under €35 for the two boxes per month which is just over €1 a day, and official spending ban rules say that doesn't count (well, that and Boots points or things you've wanted for a very long time being 50% off or something). Are you still with me? Good.

I thought I'd throw a monthly post up comparing the boxes that I chose - Glossybox and Chic Treat Club. Prices of both boxes are based on monthly rolling subscriptions.

First up, Glossybox.

You'll notice that there are only 4 products in the photo - that's because the fifth product (a bottle of toner) leaked all over the box. Glossybox were very helpful, they replied to me straight away and said they'd send out a new bottle (or a similar product if they were out of stock). The products in this month's box are all full sizes, which is brilliant.

Liner & Highlighter Swatches
* Nicka K New York Colourluxe Powder Blush - a gorgeous non-shimmery pink mineral powder blush in packaging similar to the Cheek Stamp blushes by Seventeen.
* MeMeMe Eyeliner in Clay - a really wearable cool-toned brown colour, good quality.
* Jelly Pong Pong All Over Glow - a cream highlighter.
* Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm in Superfruits - not sticky and has no synthetic nasties.
Missing from picture - Kueshi Revitalizing Face Toner.

*Cost of box including delivery - €17.87.
*Value of products - €45.70.

*Comes by post, so no need to wait for courier.
*Full sized products.
*Great variety of makeup and no wild crazy shades or tones.

*Toner leaked everywhere and destroyed the actual box.
*Exchange rate can vary so not a set price every month.

Overall Marks Out of Ten: 7

On to Chic Treat Club:

This box had three full-sized products and two deluxe samples.

* Nimue Moisturiser Lite (deluxe sample). Claims to hydrate for up to 24 hours, contains vitamins E & C.
* No More Dramas Self Tan Corrector & Remover (full size). Counteracts DHA (ingredient in self tan) by exfoliating to remove skin cells coloured by DHA.
* Kiss Flirty Featherlight Lashes (full size). Made from Remy human hair.
* CND Kanga Board nail file (full size). Standard nail file.
* Thalgo Wrinkle Control Smoothing Care Cream (deluxe sample). Formulated to plump fine lines & wrinkles to make skin look smoother & younger.

*Cost of box including delivery - €16.95.
*Value of products - €59.95 (when pricing Thalgo deluxe sample at €18).

*Sample sizes are deluxe.
*Irish company, supporting new Irish brands.
*Allows you to test products exclusively available in salons or spas.

*Inclusion of false lashes - absolute pet peeve of mine. I would have been less annoyed to find a perfume sample, to be honest.
*No makeup included.

Overall Marks Out of Ten: 5

It pains me to say it, but there's no point in doing a post like this if I'm not going to be honest about it. I was really not impressed with Chic Treat Club's box. Considering it was a "First Birthday Box" there really wasn't anything special in there. Glossybox did leak on me, so I had to deduct points, but overall I was really happy with the products I received. I think if there were anything else but fake lashes included in the Chic Treat Club one, I would have been happier. I will use the No More Dramas on the rare occasion that I use tan - but I won't use the lashes, and more than likely won't use the Thalgo either. I use a glass nail file so the CND will be popped into my handbag for emergencies, but overall I don't feel like I got value for my money this time. That's just my personal opinion, I don't mean to cause offence. Others may have been overjoyed with their box - as Larry Gogan would say, it just didn't suit me. Hopefully February will be better!

List of Stockists

* Nicka K New York: Information on their website  here.
* MeMeMe: List of Irish stockists on their facebook page here.
* Jelly Pong Pong: You can order from their website here.
* Naked Lips: Available from Love Lula here.
* Kueshi: Information on their website here.
* Nimue: Information available here.
* No More Dramas: Check their website out here.
* Kiss: Available from Penneys, Boots, and Independent Chemists nationwide.
* CND: Information on stockists on their website here.
* Thalgo: Information on their website here.


  1. No I think you are fair in your review of the chic treat box. It doesn't seem special enough for a birthday box.x

    1. I absolutely hate being negative, especially about something Irish, but there was no point in me pretending I was delighted when really I looked at it and went...."is that it?!". As I said, maybe some people were over the moon - but I will give them a chance, you can't suit everyone! x

  2. I love the comparison between them. I had a 3 month sub for Chic Treat and was mostly happy with them. But it's all down to personal choice and like you I wouldn't be impressed with fake lashes or the tan corrector in this box. I would end up giving them away.

    1. Thanks Trish - I will definitely be passing the lashes on to my lash-loving sister. Hopefully this means that February's box might suit me a bit better x

  3. Great comparison post, I don't bother with these boxes don't think I could deal with the disappointment and the fact that you never know what you are going to get. That's just me though.

    1. Sure I was adamant that I would never, ever subscribe to one and left several comments on blogs saying that! I think though I'm genuinely just a disaster for spending money and buying makeup and skincare lately, so I thought this was a great way to get the buzz and stay within a set limit without having to go pay for something and putting something else in the cart too! x

  4. I love comparison posts on subscription boxes! I love getting a surprise every month and from what I've seen on social media Glossybox is the one I lean to every time. Only thing and bout glossybox lately is the aren't putting enough protective paper around the products anymore so I'm not surprised the toner leaked x

    1. Ahh, that makes sense! The cap was flipped open so it looked like one of the other things may have knocked against it, I suppose it's just whatever position they fall into in the box. I think Glossybox have improved a lot from what I've seen since they began x

  5. Great post! You got some lovely bits in GlossyBox alright! I was so-so on this month's Chic Treat and agree for a Birthday Edition it could have been better.

    1. Thanks Leanne! Hopefully next month will convince me a little more about Chic Treat, I wanted to love it but no point pretending! x


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