Saturday, December 6, 2014

Baby-Friendly No Added Sugar Flapjacks


I find it really hard sometimes to know what to give the babies as a snack. I saw this recipe on My Lovely Little Lunch Box and thought it would be a welcome change from yogurt and ham sandwiches as a daytime snack for the boys (14 months).


* 150g stoneless dates, chopped.
* 5 tblsp apple juice.
* 150g unsalted butter.
* 100g sultanas.
* 225g porridge oats.
* 1 tsp cinnamon.


1. Preheat your oven to Gas 4/ 180c/350f. Spray a large rectangle baking dish or tin with frylight, and set aside.

2. Pour the apple juice over the dates and mash well. The original recipe called for a stick blender, but my babies are afraid of the noise of it and they were napping when I made these - rather than wake them, I used the Annabel Karmel food masher and it worked really, really well. You could use a normal potato masher either.

3. Melt the butter in a heavy saucepan.

4. Add the date/apple juice mix and the sultanas to the butter. Heat until combined.

5. Add the oats and cinnamon. Stir well to combine, and take off heat.

6. Spoon the mix into the greased baking dish. Smooth it down so that it's all even (first pic). Bake for 20-25 minutes, until golden brown (middle pic). When you remove it from the oven, cut into equal squares (mine made 15) and leave to cool in the dish.

They turned out really nice, and I'm not a huge fan of sultanas or dates. The natural sweetness was complimented beautifully by the cinnamon, and they were so chewy.

They keep really well when stored in an empty biscuit tin or in an airtight container. You don't have to put them in the fridge but I did, and they hardened up a good bit - if anything, it made them even more tasty.

My eldest loved them, and the babas were delighted with them!

I'll definitely be making them again.


  1. Yum. Where did you get the AK masher? Thanks.

    1. Hi! I got it with a bowl on Amazon, it was just under £4. It's the Annabel Karmel for Nuk food masher and bowl. It's such a handy tool for making sandwich fillings too!


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