Thursday, November 27, 2014

Eylure Brow Shapers, Tame & Define Wax and Brow Crayon


Eylure are playing a blinder recently - their new look packaging is such an improvement, the whole range is tied together really well. Their "brow revolution" range contains everything you could ever want to maintain your brows - from wax to conditioning oil, crayons to powder, stencils and shapers.

I was sent a few items from the range to try out, and I have three of those for you today.

First up are the Brow Shapers. They cost €3.49 for a packet containing 12 applications.

The sheet of strips looks like this:

The strips are an odd shape - they're not a standard eyebrow shape at all. Still, I managed to fix one in a position I was happy with. My eyebrows were pretty much at "please pluck us before we merge" stage when this arrived - observe.

I applied a strip:

I followed the instructions, and was left with:

Yep. Still hairy and now red as well - I thought I was doing it wrong, but even after almost a whole strip, I still hadn't managed to pull one hair out. Now they have stated on the packaging that these are ideal for fine hair, and I think that they probably would be far better on someone who hasn't got thick, coarse hair like I do. I was disappointed with these, but for €3.49 they're worth a gamble if you have a different hair type.

Up next was the Brow Tame & Define Wax:

I fared much better with this. I softened the tip slightly on the back of my hand before I applied, and it worked really well to tame my brows after I plucked them. There's definitely no danger of any stray hairs with this - a hurricane wouldn't budge them. The Brow Tame & Define Wax costs €8.49.

Lastly, I have the Brow Crayon, €8.99.

This is available in dark brown, mid-brown, and blonde. The one I tried was mid-brown.

This is a great product - it's easy to use, and doesn't smudge. It lasted all day on me, and when combined with a little bit of the Tame & Define Wax, I had perfect brows for 14-16 hours. You can see what a difference it makes here, where I've used it on the right and not on the left:

It's something I've continued to use since I got it, and is much quicker than my usual powder method. The Brow Crayon was also chosen as one of the products in the most recent Latest in Beauty Dream Box II by British Beauty Blogger Jane - there's a recommendation if ever I heard one. This would also make a great little stocking filler.

The Eylure Brow range also includes:

Permanent Tint for Brows (€12.99)
Brow Stencils (€6.49)
Brow Palette (€12.99)
Brow Pencil (€6.99)
Brow Ink (€10.99)
Brow Control & Shape Gel (€7.99)
Brow Nourishing Oil (€10.99)

I'm trialling the Eyebrow Tint from the range at the moment, so will have a post about that in a few weeks' time.

Eylure products are available from Sam McCauleys, Boots, McCabes, and Independent Pharmacies nationwide. Prices may vary, all prices stated here are the Recommended Retail Prices.

Have you tried anything from the Eylure Brow range yet?


  1. I just got that brow crayon in that British Beauty Box today, so far I'm liking it!

    1. Oh lucky you! I wasn't able to nab a box this time. :(

  2. Have to say, I tend to try and ignore my brows as best I can most of the time. They get the odd wave of a tweezers over them but theres just so much! I really like the sound of that wax, might but them back in their box a bit. Love how you've shaped yours! x


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