Wednesday, October 15, 2014

National Curry Week! Slow Cooked Chicken Tikka


This week, October 13-19, is National Curry Week!

I love a good curry, but I find some of the jars of sauce too sweet or too salty. When I got my slow cooker (this one), I spent hours googling slow cooker recipes. This is a recipe I had written down on a bit of notepaper - I've no idea where it came from, and I have tweaked it, so here's my version of a slow-cooked chicken tikka.


* 3-4 chicken breasts, chopped.
* 1 white onion, chopped.
* 1 tblsp fresh ginger, grated.
* 1 can chopped tomatoes.
* 100ml coconut milk (light or regular).
* 1 tblsp cumin.
* 1 tblsp tikka powder.
* 1 tsp turmeric.
* 1/2 tblsp chilli powder.


1. Put everything into the slow cooker.

Seriously, that's it. Throw everything in, stick it on High for 4 hours or Low for 8 hours, and you're done! Regarding the coconut milk* - I personally don't like it, so I used 100ml of reduced fat coconut milk - I couldn't taste it when it was done. This recipe served 2 adults and one child.

If you want a creamier tikka, stir in a few spoons of natural yogurt right before serving. Serve with boiled rice and some fresh parsley on top.

So yum!

Has anyone got any nice curry recipes?

*With regard to the coconut milk, if you're following Slimming World - a 400ml can of Blue Dragon reduced fat coconut milk is roughly 15 Syns. You definitely do not need a full can - half a can is lots (7.5 Syns), but that's for the entire recipe, so divide that up between however many portions you get. For Weightwatchers, a 400ml can of reduced fat coconut milk is usually 13pp, but do check.

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  1. Looks yummy.. slow cooker is defo on my "to buy" list :)
    I love the SW curry.. (tin of chopped tomotos, peas & beans, tablespoon of curry powder.. blend & heat)
    So easy and very tasty and best of all Syn Free


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