Tuesday, September 16, 2014

BreastCheck Needs YOU.


BreastCheck, the national free breast cancer screening programme, currently screens women aged 50-64 every two years. In 2011, the Government promised to extend BreastCheck to include women aged 65-69, but that never happened.

The Irish Cancer Society have calculated that if the programme was extended, there's the possibility that the lives of 87 women in that age group could be saved. So, they are looking for at least 87 women to come and help them on the 30th of September at Leinster House.

You don't have to do much - just show up, and wear pink. If you could bring a couple of friends with you, that would be great. If you could get this to go much, much bigger than 87 women, that'd be even better.

Come and fight for your Mother, your Grandmother, your Aunt. Do it for your Future Self, your Children, your Sisters, your Girlfriend, your Granddaughters.

On September 30th, wear PINK and meet at 12:00 pm at the square beside Agriculture House on Kildare Street, Dublin 2 (opposite the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Employment).   - See more at: http://www.cancer.ie/about-us/events/extend#sthash.6O2s071J.dpuf

Please RSVP to mgaffney@irishcancer.ie by September 23rd in order to give an idea of numbers. Please, if you can spare one hour or less, please support. Or, if like myself, you won't be in Dublin on the 30th - please pass the information on to someone who will.

How good would it feel to know that you'd been a part of saving the lives of several women? Don't let the Government forget about these women. This was promised, and it needs to be enforced.

And while I'm at it, if you haven't done it already this month, go check your boobs.

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  1. Fantastic initiative I'm just going to retweet your post now!!


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