Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday - My Diary: The One Where Love Doesn't Exist

This is another interview with myself. I did that a lot.


  • Who would you like to be stuck in a lift with? Robert de Niro. (No).
  • What's your worst habit? Picking my feet. (Made even easier now with foot-peeling masks. Thanks, China!)
  • Who's your biggest idol? Madonna. (Madonna?! Wasn't she in full-on Austin Powers mode when I was 17?)
  • Do you prefer baths or Showers? Showers. (We didn't even have a shower at home, we had a bath).
  • What's your favourite book? Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen (I'm surprised I didn't say The Bell Jar).
  • Best school subject? German (This is true. I narrowly missed out on winning a school exchange to Germany. I did a project about.... food. Pretzels and wurst featured heavily.)
  • First record you ever bought? New Kids on the Block. (Lies. I got that for my birthday when I was about 6. First CD I bought myself was Five's first album. Was I trying to make myself look older or more retro or what?!)
  • Do you have any birthmarks? Yes, on my ankle. (And my chest). 
  • What's your biggest fear? Clowns, dummies, birds. (I don't like them, but I don't FEAR them).
  • What's your least favourite food? Baked beans. Disgusting. (Good call, teenage me. Yuck).
  • Who's your favourite actor? Vinnie Jones, Robert de Niro, Al Pacino. (More like David Boreanaz, Ryan Phillippe & Freddie Prinze Jr., you big LIAR!)
  • What's your favourite TV programme? Friends. (Yup).
  • Have you ever broken any bones? Yeah, ankle, finger, tooth. (I've never broken my finger. I had an obsession with thinking broken bones were cool so I used to pretend I broke things. I really DID break my ankle & tooth though. Not so cool then...)
  • What's the most expensive thing you own? My CDs. (I had over three hundred :D)
  • Are you a spender or a saver? A big spender. (Still true, unfortunately. Allergic to money).
  • Can you keep a secret? Depends on the secret. (I'm saying nothing). 
  • Who would you be on Stars in Their Eyes? Nelly Furtado. (I was a bit obsessed with Stars in Their Eyes, this question was on the last interview with myself too...).
  • Where's home? Leitrim, Ireland. (That may explain a lot. I'm JOKING. Leitrim is grand). 
  • Are you clumsy? Extremely clumsy. (This has gotten worse with age. I can't leave the house without a stain-hiding scarf. I'm stained right now. I stained my Wedding Dress).
  • Are you superstitious? Sometimes - I bless myself when I see a magpie. (I would have thought that I'd have relished the notion of sorrow on the way, tbh....)
  • Favourite colour? Black. (Well, DUH).
  • Favourite crisps? Buffalo Hunky Dorys. (I overdosed on them, can't stomach them now at all).
  • Country you'd most like to visit? Australia. (Kinda went off that idea when half the neighbours moved out there).
  • What starsign are you? Gemini/Cancer Cusp. (I think I'm just Gemini now, they changed it didn't they?!)
  • Favourite cartoon? The Simpsons (I haven't seen The Simpsons in YEARS).
  • Would you ever pose nude for Playboy? No way, never. (As if they'd ask, like. Jesus).
  • How old would you like to be when you're married? 30. (I got married 8 months before I turned 30!)
  • Who would you go to a fancy dress party as? Britney Spears (Sorry Britney, you've been usurped by Conchita Wurst. Always Conchita).
  • Do you know any magic tricks? Not that I know of. (And if I did, I wouldn't tell you. Because they're magic).
  • Worst film you've ever seen? You've Got Mail. Rubbish. (I watched that at a sleepover and totally ruined it for everyone else, sat on the couch in my Goth clothes rolling my eyes and skitting at it. I was a joy, wasn't I? I do still think it's shite, mind.)
  • Who would you like to do a duet with? Robbie Williams. (I loved Robbie because my friend at college loved Robbie).
  • Favourite pizza topping? Pepperoni & Pineapple. (Nooo!! No pineapple. Chorizo all the way).
  • Who do you fancy? Robbie Williams, David Boreanaz, Jude Law. (I don't EVER remember thinking Jude Law was fanciable).
  • Jim Carrey - Funny or Irritating? Very irritating. (Well, allll-righty then).
  • Love is.... Non-Existent. (Goth teenagers. Right there).
  • Eastenders or Corrie? Eastenders (Haven't watched that in months).
  • Pants or Thong? Depends on the occasion! (What occasion? You big eejit. Always pants).
This post also contained my signature and the date - 27/12/00. Two days after Christmas and I had nothing to do but interview myself. Maybe I got notebooks for Christmas?! 

My signature came at a time when I thought Sharon wasn't just enough, and was flirting with the idea of spelling it Sharryn. Yeah. That didn't really catch on.....

Also, can we take a second to appreciate the cover of my diary. A picture of Robbie Williams, one of Eminem, a Pokemon Pog, and.......a cut out logo from The Evening Herald. And yes, those are hundreds of tiny little pictures of Robert de Niro poking out of it. 



  1. Best interview ever! I wish they used this method for the "celebs" :P It's crazy how accurate the marriage age was though. Maybe you're part psychic ;)

  2. These posts are hilarious! :) So brave of you to share this with us.

    And you wouldn't believe it, but just few days ago I was showing my teenaged sister (I'm closer to your age) some videos of the "5ive" band -- I'm not even sure how we got there (thanks, youtube), but I had so much fun. :D

  3. I loved this. kind of reminds me of teenage me!

  4. Ha, I love this series!! Always makes me laugh

  5. That is brilliant!! I destroyed my diaries in a fit of late teen angst!

  6. Ah Sharon as always I love everything about this!! Hahaha so brilliant! :D


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