Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday - A Rather Nineties Picture


For this week's Throwback Thursday post, I thought I'd risk the wrath of my sister and show you this incredibly embarrassing, incredibly nineties picture.

Christmas!! Ahh. Christmas crackers on the table, Coke in fancy glasses for my sister and I, and a log with a candle stuck in it on the window.

There are so many fashion statements going on in this picture - let's take a look individually.

1. Nana: Sparkly Disco Socks.

She loved a glittery sock, did Nana. She also loved a Christmas dinner - while she ate it with us, she insisted on cooking her own and carrying it up to our house.

2. Sister: Purple Scrunchies, Woolly Snot-Coloured Jumper, and what appears to be a fringe that she cut herself.

It's okay, she has gained mad skillz since then. You can see for yourself on her blog: Itsonlyme

3. Mother: Deirdre Barlow glasses and an orange velour onesie. 

I have no explanation for this. None. ORANGE.VELOUR.ONESIE.

Me. Sweet Merciful Jesus.

Velvet hat. Choker. Red cheeks. Oh, and no front tooth due to a bike fall. Classy bird.

You'd imagine this photograph would be bad enough, wouldn't you? The following year, I was wearing a waistcoat and had a very, very short bit of hair sticking out of the front of my head that I liked to call a side fringe. When Mommy Dearest sent a copy to relations in England, one of my lovely cousins did a pencil drawing of the photo and sent it over. Can you imagine the sequel to this in pencil?

If you're nice, I'll show it to you. Sometime. Maybe.

I'm sorry, Stephanie!!!


  1. This made me giggle I went through a stage with velvet hats and refused to take them off inside!

  2. Lol I have a similar one on my FB from Christmas as well, reminds me of this one!


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