Monday, May 26, 2014

The Giant Haul of Ridiculousness


Over the past 6 weeks or so, my shopping got a bit daft. In the same way that Tom Cruise felt the need.... the need for speed, I feel the need for stuff, stuff, and more stuff. I love it. I love tat and rubbish and crap and clutter. I LOVE STUFF.

Hence, this. Now in fairness, this was all since the start of April, and we're almost in June now. So there's that. Also, only two things out of this whole giant pile were over €10. So there's that too.

All items bought online are linked in bold, so you can be as silly with your money as I am.

All prices are correct at time of publishing this post, based on exchange rate at time of purchase. 

Bite Necklace, eBay: €0.67. Etude House Juicy Cocktail Nail Trio, eBay: €4.76.

Nature Republic Friends Walnut Hand Cream, eBay: €5.05. Lioele L'cret Magic Lipstick, eBay €4.99. Butterfly Foot Peeling Mask, €3.35.

The stem on the handcream is a little headphone jack cover!!

Wonder Woman Notebook (size B5), eBay: €8.65.

Kobo cover, Boot Sale, 2 for €1 (I got a red one too). Sony Xperia E Skin, eBay: €3.59

Essence "Bloom Me Up" lipstick, Penneys: €2.49. Sponge Nail Polish Remover, Penneys: €3.79.

All Penneys: Coral Bag, €9.00. Polka Dot Shoes, €5.00. Striped Long Sleeved Top, €6.00.
Striped Peeptoe Shoes, €6.00. Coral Vest, €3.00. White Long Sleeved Top, €5.00. Coral Chain Necklace, €5.00.

Here's a better look at the white top, I got it to layer over different coloured vests. It's really light and great if you're self-conscious about arms! I got the coral flats in Penneys a few weeks ago too, I think they were €5.

I also got these for the boys - I don't even follow football but I thought they were cute.

Baby football kits - €5 each, Penneys.

Saved By the Bell T-shirt, Redbubble: €23.

Me being an eejit, I managed to order this in a man's 3XL size instead of a girly fit 2XL (Size 16-18 approx), so it's actually more like a Saved By the Bell dress. Grand for schlubbing around the house with a pair of leggings, or for prompting your significant other to ask "what in the name of jesus are you WEARING?", which is my favourite reaction.

Lastly, I got a few bits in Tesco:

They have an offer on at the minute, six cans of any flavour of San Pellegrino for under €4 so I got the lemon ones. I treated myself to some peach roses, and I also got InStyle - I've picked it up and put it back a million times, but I wanted a magazine for the weekend and I said I'd get it if they had one of the coral polishes left.

This was one quick coat done on Friday before I went to vote:

I added another coat when I came home, but it had chipped by Saturday and was pretty much non-existent yesterday. Boo, Nails Inc. BOO. No wonder they give so much of it away with promotions.

The roses were really gorgeous, and are still going strong, they're €3.50 a bunch but mine were discounted.

I picked this up in Tesco, too - Treacle Moon shower gel. It was less than €4 and smells UNREAL. Also, adorable packaging.

There's also stuff from eBay that I ordered but didn't get yet:

Blue Flower Statement Necklace, eBay: €12.20 (I know that's expensive for eBay but LOOK AT IT). Nail Art Source Book, eBay: €4.39. Pink Cotton/Metal Bracelet, eBay: €0.86 (I got this in pink and green). Nail Gradient Sponge Set, eBay: €0.73. Harry Potter Time Turner Necklace, eBay: €0.95. Statement Necklace, eBay: €4.39

I think you can agree, I plainly needed all that. Necessities.


  1. %&)^# That wonder woman notebook!!!! God i miss shopping - Claire

  2. Wow, you got a lot of goodies! I love the Etude House Cocktail nail sets and that gradient stamper looks super useful (and neater than my cosmetic sponge approach!)

  3. omg the time-turner!!!! That is adorable! God I love Harry potter themed things.
    Those shoes from Pennys are so pretty too. Even though it chipped like a mo-fo I have to admit that coral polish from Nails inc is really pretty. Basically I love everything and now I want to go pennys.

  4. Your haul is amazing wish I had a load of cash I could blow on ridiculous things!! One of the most fun things to do!

  5. Oh sweet baby J. Why?!?!?! WHY did you put the feckin links in?????

  6. So annoyed with myself that I read this. Any money I had is now gone, ha!

    Thanks lady (I think) ;) x

  7. I love buying stuff too :D I want that Wonder Woman notebook!


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