Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday - My Diary: The One With The Wicca

March 22. Location: Bedroom. Listening To: Shite Country Music on Shannonside. Loving: Freddie Prinze Jr.

Mitched another day off school today. Oooh I'm sooo guilty. NOT. I couldn't give a shiny shite. I hate school anyway. On Saturday I've to go "on trial" to a hairdressers to see about a job. I guess my stomach churns a bit when I think about it, but I think it's cool. Plus, money. Yay. Went to Longford today and I got some really cool things. I got NSync - Bye Bye Bye single, The Sunnydale Yearbook, a giant Angel poster, a Witchy Candlestick (more on that in a minute), Black Karma Thingy (Courage), little makeup thingys, "American Pie" on video (Sledge got She's All That - YAYAYAYAY!!) and a notebook. And luigi's chips.

I don't feel that guilty about missing the actual day of school, like it's all a load of balls, but I do feel bad about what they will say to me tomorrow. Oh woe is me. That expression makes no sense. How could I be woe? Woe isn't me. I am not woe... Anyway. Back to the candlestick. It is weird and black. I'm extremely into wicca and rituals and the occult and stuff. Me and Sledge went kinda mad on Saturday and set up a shitload of Wicca stuff, I even put a worm into a jar. We drew a huge pentagram on the garage floor with chalk and we got loads of dried leaves and mud and shit and put it on shelves. The place looks like it came right out of Salem, it's pretty cool. We didn't do any major spells. Just a few weather things and I'm fairly sure we made it rain but then again it's always fucking raining so who can tell.

Oh wait until I tell you. Today in Glitzi Bitz I was bent down, arse up, looking at bracelets, when who walks in only *name removed*. Yep. I could have DIED. I just kind browsed around the hair bobbins until he fucked off. It's not even that I still like him or anything, because I don't, and he has a girlfriend, but just with Mum there as well there was no way I could have looked at him without her taking the piss and then I would have gone red and then he would have thought I did still like him which is completely untrue, so I think it was best all round for me just to pretend he wasn't there.

I wonder why he was in Glitzi Bitz?


Had to remove that name, I'm still in contact with that man and while I'm all for embarrassing myself, I couldn't do that to an innocent crush victim! Also, check me out. Superwitch. Very, very Americanized Superwitch ("No major spells"....ALL THE CRINGE). This is a good opportunity to tell you that I once robbed several bed sheets from my Nana's hot press and hand sewed them into a Pilgrim skirt, apron and bonnet. I think this was around the same time my Sharona phase passed - where I sang The Knacks song every day pretending it was about me and that my real name was missing an A off the end of it.

I'll just leave all that there.


  1. Omg, pissing myself laughing at the whole taking the bedsheets and making a pilgrim costume!!


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