Thursday, April 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday - My Diary: The One With The Hair

March 3. Location: Bedroom. Listening to: Backstreet Boys.
It's Sledge's Confirmation today (yes, on a fucking TUESDAY, come ON). She and Mum are gone to get their hair done. Nobody asked me if I wanted to get my hair done but I got the day off school (wonder of all wonders) so I'm just chillin. I am such a slacker. I must've missed more days of school than I've gone this year. Maybe I'll get 2moz off as well to go to Longford shopping with the Stefster - I'd better play my cards right when I go back to school AKA PRISON on Wednesday. I wish I could just turn the clock forward like two years and I'd be out of that hole the maps call Mohill (or land of the eternal black cloud). Black hole is more like it. I guess a journal is meant to be for your innermost personal thoughts and feelings so I'd better spill. I'm in a fairly Oh-Kay mood right now so I guess I'll just go.

I cut in a fringe yesterday and it's a major problemo. As in my hair straightener is fucked so here's to another year and a half of eternally fuzzy hair. AAAAAAGH!!! Why couldn't we have had the same hair!! I want straight hair like Sledge's. Or if that's not possible, then give her fuzzy hair too so at least we can help each other through it. Mine looks like that mad bastard Willy Wonka.

We rented videos last night from Frank's - She's All That and Entrapment. I've watched SAT three times today, I love it! Sledge says she will buy it if she goes to Longford tomorrow. Hopefully!!

Oh my god they are back and they've given her a lego man hair cut. For fuck sake.

Bye, Bye, Bye.

P.S - Life goes on, but it nevverr enddds, eyes of stone, observe the trennndddss....


Ahh, videos from Frank's! Strictly speaking, they weren't allowed to rent videos, so you had to go in and whisper for "the binder". You'd be passed a huge ring binder full of video covers stored in plastic sleeves, and you'd pick one and pay a few quid to rent it out for a couple of days. Most of my favourite films were discovered after a half hour with Frank's binder (that sounds SO RUDE) - Hocus Pocus being one of them, the other being Corrina, Corrina. Good times!!


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