Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Mary Fitzgerald, How Do You Do?


As I've mentioned before, I had an old nostalgia blog for a while - it was overrun with spam in the end so I took it offline and saved the posts. I think the whole Throwback Thursday trend is a great way to spread a bit of happiness by reminiscing, so as well as doing bits of my teen diary, I'll be throwing the odd post from the old blog up here too.

Today - How Do You Do?

"Make and Do Mary" originally started out with a short slot on Saturday morning's "Anything Goes" with Aonghus McAnally (pronounced, incidentally, Mac-an-Alley. NOT, as someone in my house used to pronounce it, Mac-anal-y). Mary later got her own 15-minute slot on The Den, called "How Do You Do..?". Poor Mary would stand there in her bright, multicoloured jumpers, big dangly earrings, glueing and cutting with the patience of a saint, and show us kids how to make a loo roll into a dog. Or something similar.

Like the female version of Neil Buchanan, Mary would guide us through yards of newspaper, clay, pipe cleaners, washing up liquid bottles, and cardboard boxes. I never, EVER had any of the proper ingredients. We didn't use fairy liquid so the bottles were never the right shape, and I'd say I was well into my teens before I saw a pipe cleaner in real life. Ditto for Neil and the PVA glue - I genuinely didn't get my hands on that until I was about 16 (at which point I was too old to make things like spaghetti picture frames so instead spent many an hour spreading that all over my hands and picking it off again).

Mary would make wonderfully creative things, I especially remember her foray into miniature furniture made from matchboxes and/or clothes pegs and/or lolly sticks. I made the best dollhouse furniture ever! Thanks Mary! As an aside, I only recently discovered that you can now buy bags of lolly sticks in craft shop. Gone are the days when you'd have to save up all the sticks from your Fat Frogs or Sparkles, wash and dry them, and hide them in a safe place so that your Mam wouldn't throw them out.

Mary now owns a PR company, Mary Fitzgerald Public Relations, and you can buy a DVD of 12 episodes of "How Do You Do..?" from her site for €12 including delivery in Ireland. Check out Mary's website for more information and a link to the Paypal invoice.

Here are a couple of videos I found on youtube, all credit to the uploaders.

I have an awful craving for a big lump of mala. Márla? Mála? Plasticine.

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  1. Ahhhh Make and Do was one of my favourite programmes of all time!! I have a book about it somewhere, I never had PVA glue or pipe cleaners though!!


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