Monday, March 17, 2014

NOTD: St Patrick's Day 2014

***Disclaimer: The Ebalay glitter polish featured in this post was provided for review***


Better late than never, right? Half the house is down with a disgusting headcold-type thing, so please excuse the lateness of this years St. Patrick's Day mani. I actually did two - one really simple one last week, and......well, another really simple one today.

First up is a really easy (some may say lazy) way to incorporate some Irishness into your nails without sticking to plain green - for this I used mint (Barry M Mint Green), green glitter (Finger Paints Merry Mistletoe), gold (China Glaze Mingle With Kringle) and a green/white glitter topper (Ebalay Color 12). And no, Ebalay isn't a misprint of eBay - it's from KKcenterHK, and was provided for me a while ago for review.

I chose the glitter topper myself - it's really unusual and has green hex glitter, white hex glitter, white bar glitter, white round glitter, and holo/blue glitter. Here's a LINK to the shade, and a closer look at the polish.

To be honest I wasn't expecting a whole pile from it, but it was really nice and gave great coverage. I didn't have to go digging to get a good variety of glitters on each dab of the brush.

The second look was a bit last-minute and haphazard, but overall it's pretty effective if you're looking at it in real life and not under the scrutiny of a close-up picture. Sigh. Anyway - here it is, blobby shamrocks and hangnails 'n all:

AAGH! Anyway - again, I used Barry M Mint Green as a base, acrylic paint dabs for the blobby prickly shamrocks, and on the ring finger I used an awesome glitter topper from (as far as I'm aware) Ireland's only Indie polish brand to date, Precious Polish called Kiss My Mistletoe from her Christmas 2013 collection. As you can see it completely transformed the base colour into a fuller, brighter green, and I really love it. It's also SUPER sparkly, I have an out-of-focus shot (totally on purpose.......*whistles*) to show you how fab it is:

Anita also makes polish to order, so if you have a shade in your head that you'd love to see in reality - she's your woman.

Wherever you are, I hope you're having a happy St. Patrick's Day.

And remember:

Paddy, not Patty.


  1. Really love the bibs, definitely something I'd get printed on a tshirt for myself!

    1. I made them on so you could definitely get a tshirt!

  2. Ha, I love you lil ones' bibs! :D
    Cute manis, that Ebalay glitter looks great.

    1. Thank you! Yeah I didn't have high hopes for it at all but it's really good, applies better than some expensive ones!

  3. Ah the lads look great! Loving the look of that topcoat!

    1. Cheers :) The topcoat is great, Anita is a wizard :)

  4. Great polish combination for a St. Patrick's mani.
    Your baby's are adorable :)

  5. OMG they are so cute! I have a 5 month old boy myself ;-) <3


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