Monday, March 24, 2014

Cloud Vitamin A Cream

***Disclosure: Product provided free of charge. Review & Opinions 100% mine.***


When the lovely people at Cloud contacted me to see if I'd like to try one of their products, I accepted. Mainly because I really, really love moisturisers, especially ones with sunscreen in. I'd just finished my beloved Elave so this came at just the right time.

Cloud focus on vitamins. Their range of creams are the results of years of testing and consultations with patients and lab testing. They currently offer a Vitamin B3 cream, a Milk Thistle cream for pigmentation, and this one - Vitamin A cream.

Cloud refer to Vitamin A as "Nature's Sun Protection". Learning about the benefits of various vitamins & minerals was always one of my least favourite parts of Home Ec class at school, but years later I find myself gaining an interest in the various benefits and sources. Vitamin A is also recommended as a treatment for stretch marks - as Cloud themselves note, nothing can get rid of stretch marks but Vitamin A can greatly improve the appearance of them over time by stimulating the production of collagen type 1. The skin naturally converts Retinol to retinoic acid, which increases cellular rejuvenation & decreases pore size to create softer, soother skin - therefore it's a major ingredients in a lot of skin care products.

One thing I love about the packaging - it's a pump. I absolutely applaud Cloud for choosing a pump, it's so handy and clean.

I've been using it for about a month now, about this much a day:

Holy shit, I have the hand of a crone. A palm reader would have a field day...

It smells quite clinical, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. It's not scented with any artificial flowery rubbish, which is great - it's actually a similar smell to the Elave daily moisturiser with SPF that I was using previously. There are some details on the packaging worth a mention:

Firstly, 5% is donated to providing clean drinking water. For who? I don't know. I'll update the post when I find out. Secondly, it's paraben free, fragrance free, preservative free, and not tested on animals. Thirdly, it claims to protect the skin from pollution. I can't find any actual statistics that prove Retinyl Palmitate protects against 93% more of the sun's power than conventional sunscreen, but I wouldn't use any sunscreen on a daily basis so I find this a handy way to get a bit of protection on my face. Any percentage of protection is better than none, right? Remember, people - just because we may not have sunny weather doesn't mean you don't need sun protection. You ALWAYS need sun protection. If your moisturizer or foundation doesn't have an SPF, you really need to use something to protect yourself. Leathery handbag isn't a good look.

On to the ingredients list:

It's basically just a combination of water, vitamin A in a gentle form - the Retinyl Palmitate is a combination of retinol & palmitic acid, it has been found in studies to be an effective antioxidant. It's often used in sunscreens because it's gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin, yet still has antioxidant protection & helps ward off UV damage. The rest of the ingredients are just petroleum jelly, an emulsifier, surfacant, and antiseptic.

As I mentioned, I've been using it for about a month now and I love a good antiseptic-smelling product, it's so much more appealing to me than a fake scent. I can't say I've noticed any great difference in my skin but then again, who would notice a difference with a product designed to protect the skin? It's thick, and spreads well, so you don't need a lot of it. Two pumps is enough to cover my ample mug. I've barely used up any of the 30ml over the past 30/31 days, so it's definitely great value at $48 (€35).

Would I repurchase? I'm not entirely sure. I'd probably go for the Elave first as it's more locally available to me, but I'd definitely use the Cloud again.

Lovely product.


  1. Good review and the crone comment had me giggling:)

  2. Gah! Its got mineral oil and vaseline in it. Disappointed because I love a good retinol product.


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