Monday, March 31, 2014

An Ode to Moo Goo

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Moo Goo skincare is a brand I'd seen in my local chemist but never bothered with. When I discovered that one of my boys had incredibly sensitive skin however, Moo Goo was the name that kept cropping up whenever I asked for advice on what to use when he had a flare up.

I purchased the Irritable Skin Balm a few months ago and could not have been happier with the results.

I started to use it every day on Edward and over time it got rid of all the hard patches on his face and ears that would be left behind after a flare-up like this one:

His skin is perfect now, thankfully. I've also barely made a dent in the cream, so it was well worth the €15 I paid for it.

Our next problem to try and tackle was his cradle cap - I had tried coconut oil, olive oil, baby oil, nit combs, baby brushes, dentinox (gave him a rash), baby shampoo (gave him a rash) - you name it, I tried it. I was getting fed up of him having a big greasy looking head and still suffering from the cradle cap. In the end I decided to e-mail Moo Goo and ask if there was anything suitable in their range given the success I'd had with the skin balm. Paul very, very kindly sent me out a range of samples and recommended their Scalp Cream.

You need to use it on wet hair for the first time, then follow up with regular applications as necessary. Here's a look at Edward's scalp before.

And after just 2 days of using the scalp cream:

The difference is incredible. One of my favourite things about it was that it didn't leave his head all greasy looking, it was easy to rub in and his hair looked normal the next day. It did smell a tiny bit like dog shampoo, but I'm assuming that's down to the tea tree in it. I immediately went to the chemist to buy a full size only to be told they didn't have it in stock (rectified now, hopefully), so I headed over to and ordered it direct from the website. Including delivery it came to around €17. It arrived the next day in the cutest packaging ever -

My order again included some lovely mini samples, including the aforementioned skin balm, shampoo, conditioner, body wash - I've been using the shampoo and the junior bubble bath on the boys and will be buying full sizes. My order also included a lovely tingling honey lip balm, which is gorgeous.

Here's a look at some of the packaging on the scalp cream, so you can check out the ingredients.

I've found a new favourite in Moo Goo - the brand is just so friendly, warm, and comes across really well. Their full range of products is amazing - it includes an "Udder Cream" Moisturizer, Nappy Balm - even a Self Tanner! All ingredients used are natural and anything that goes near your mouth is edible. Not that I'd recommend lashing into a lip balm, but it's always nice to know that whatever you're ingesting isn't harmful.

Go have a look at their website, it's a real treat and full of really interesting information.

A gorgeous brand, one that works well, and one that will be a firm favourite in our house from now on. I wasn't asked to review products or write a post, I didn't approach the company as a blogger - just as a Mam who wanted to help her child. I was afforded time, informative & friendly responses, and treated with respect and generosity as a customer. That's how you do customer service, guys. Fantastic.


  1. I use the scalp cream on some sebhorric dermatitis I get around my nose & hairline & find it good. Have also tried the shampoo & conditioner for J's cradle cap when he was smaller & found it didn't do anything for it and incredibly hard to rinse out. I did contact them for samples of the irritable skin cream as J has eczema but they told me they did not send out samples (at that time anyway), the local chemist that stocks them also do not have any samples.

    1. The scalp cream is great. I haven't had any issues with the shampoo but I use the very, very tiniest bit so that may be why! Shame about the samples, I found the company lovely, maybe things have changed since you contacted them? Our chemist isn't supposed to let people have the samples but if they're well used sometimes they will let you take them home. If you can't get Moo Goo, Elave do an intensive cream that's really good!

  2. Thanks but we discovered La Roche Posay Lipikar & haven't looked back. It's brilliant stuff, though of course, what works for one & all that. It just bugged me that you had to fork out €15 with no idea whether it's help or not. And it was definitely the brand as my local chemist are mighty for the free samples.

  3. I've never been disappointed by anything from La Roche Posay either, I have to say. They're a great brand. Vichy are another company who have really moved with the times and some of their ranges are amazing! It is definitely not acceptable to have no samples available when a product is expensive, I completely agree.

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