Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Twin Essentials: Breathable Baby Mesh Cot Liners

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I recently moved the boys into cots, but I had a few worries. Their feet aren't an issue, as they wear sleeping bags, but I was concerned that they could roll over and hurt themselves or stick their arms out through the bars, as D had done when he was in his cradle. I knew I wanted some kind of protection for them but that I definitely did NOT want cot bumpers due to the amount of dangers associated with them. I didn't want anything bulky, so I had a look around different websites and came across these on amazon - the BreathableBaby Mesh Cot Liners. I chose blue, but there are different colours available.

This one is the 4-sided one, suitable for standard or dropside cots. I have two mini cots and they worked really well with them. As an aside, the plastic packaging that it comes in has a zipper on it, and is SO handy for use afterwards as a mini changing bag, with room for nappies, wipes & a change of clothes. I keep one in the bottom of the buggy for emergencies.

There are clear instructions included, but to be honest I'm not great at reading stuff like this and my cots were smaller, so I just followed and adapted as best I could and had them on in no time. They're easy to apply - each one comes in two long parts, with ties for the outside of the bars and velcro on both ends to secure the wrap. By the time I had the first one done, the second was a doddle, I had it on in a few minutes.

Here's what I ended up with.

It's incredibly secure once you make sure the ties are tight (not stretched) and the velcro is pulled taut. Neither of the boys has woken up because their arm is hanging out the side and they can't get it back in - success!! I'm not a bit worried about one of them rolling into it either, because it's very easy to breathe through. It's also comfortable to the touch, not hard or rough in any way.

The little pillows are from Clevamama, and are now stocked in Argos.

I got my cot liners on Amazon here, they cost just over £18/€22 each.

You can find out more information about Breathable Baby on their website.

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