Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lidl Osiris Avisé CC Cream - Natural


Recently, Lidl featured a range of CC and BB creams in store. I've been trying to get my hands on the BB cream, but I couldn't find it in any of the branches I checked! I decided to splash out the €2.99 (big spender or what) and try the CC cream instead. The cream is available in two shades, Natural and Tanned, and guess what shade muggins over here picked up by accident. Doh! After I found the Tanned one a new home via twitter, I went back and bought the Natural one. And a candle.

As you can see on the picture, the CC cream has an SPF of 15, plus UV Protection. I use a moisturiser & foundation with SPF too, so this is always good, especially for the very freckly like myself.

What follows are possibly the most unflattering set of photographs of me in existence, but if there's one thing I absolutely despise, it's not seeing a swatch of a product where it's supposed to be. I could have put it on my hand, but it's not made for my hand, so here's my miserable-looking no-makeup mug. Go easy on me.

Christ. Anyway, in picture one (no makeup) there's a shiny nose, uneven skintone, freckles, eye circles and a spot. Gorgeous. After applying the CC cream, you can see that skintone is significantly more even. You can still see the spot, but the shine is gone from my nose. In the last picture, I added a bit of concealer to the spot and under my eyes, and a bit of shading on my eyebrows.

It definitely does what it's supposed to do - correct colour. It's not a foundation, so you're not going to get massive coverage from it, but it is ideal for daytime. It's also exceptional value for the price. Pick it up if you can, available while stocks last!

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