Saturday, February 1, 2014

Another Month.......Another Buffy T-Shirt!


Late last year, the ever gorgeous and lovely Marian alerted a few of us on twitter to the fact that Qwertee had a Buffy the Vampire Slayer t-shirt that particular day. I placed my order.......only I didn't, because it never went through due to goddamn bank charges making me overdrawn. I only copped a few days after and I was SICKENED.

I decided to trawl the internet to see if I could find an alternative Buffy t-shirt, and that I did - I discovered Redbubble, which can only be described as an Aladdin's Cave. I almost did an excitement wee when I typed "Buffy" into the search box - there were hundreds! I decided that I'd order a t-shirt once a month, but I'm not allowed buy any nail polish. Which is logical and fair in my mind. So far I've ordered two - they're all different prices, but with P&P to Ireland, most come to around €25. Redbubble are brilliant for discounts though, and they sent a voucher with the first order (I got €6.50 off the second one). Here are the two I have so far:

I ordered a Dingoes Ate My Baby one back in December - it arrived within two weeks, which was pretty good considering the snail-like pace of international mail before Christmas. It was designed by an artist calling themselves 'Darth Willow' (all t-shirt designs are submitted by individual artists), and I picked the original colours for mine (you can pick from a range of colours before you order - t-shirts are made to order. Designs are also available on hoodies). My husband was horrified when he saw me wearing this - he's not a Buffy fan and had no idea what it was, bar the fact that we had just had twins and I was wearing a t-shirt that depicted a woman serving up a baby to a pack of Dingoes. Bit of an oversight on my part there....

Redbubble use American Apparel t-shirts. With regard to size - I'm pretty much a standard 16-18 in  most tops (except Penneys, where even the 20s don't fit me) and can be a bit booby depending on the bra, so I ordered the XL in this. It fits perfect and there's loads of room. I ordered the next one in a 2XL which was ludicrous, because it's too big, but it's grand for layering over other tops.


I placed another one in January, again it took around two weeks to arrive. Every redbubble t-shirt comes with a little label attached by a cute mini clothes peg and the details of the artist.

This was the second one - "Greetings from Sunnydale" by Tom Trager.

I have now accumulated quite the wishlist on redbubble - I think this one is definitely next on my list for February, but here are a few of the other designs that caught my eye:

All details are available in my favourites section or by using search terms. You can also design your own shirts, hoodies or stickers, and submit them for sale.

Also: Daria!! Did everyone else fancy Trent? Please say it wasn't just me...


  1. Pennys tops are always all over the place size wise!! Great new tees!

  2. SO many of these that I want. The Dingoes one is amazing by the way!!

  3. so many nostalgic memories from those tees, they are kinda epic

  4. I'd never heard of Redbubble.. And now I'm trawling through it placing loads in my imaginary basket! And all the prints & posters.. It's getting bookmarked for present ideas :)

  5. These look great Sharon, I loved Buffy too so will definitely check out this site later. :-)

  6. all this t shisrts looks great !! greetings from sunnydale is the best , i love it so much!


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