Saturday, January 4, 2014

NOTD: China Glaze - Blue Bells Ring + Bargain Alert!


I've had these swatches ready for about a week and forgot all about them, so I thought I'd share them today. Blue Bells Ring is from China Glaze's 2012 Holiday Joy collection. I recently received it as part of a gorgeous Secret Santa package from a nail group I'm a member of. Thanks Michelle!

How many coats would you say that is?

ONE. Yep, one. This is a stunning foil that looks completely different on the nail. In the bottle, I must admit, it didn't call my name immediately. Silver-toned colours don't really suit my skintone, so I wasn't expecting this to work for me at all. Instead, I got such a nice surprise - the silver settled and this striking blue came to the top. It's gorgeous.

See the difference? Oddly enough, when I was removing the polish, the first swipe of a cotton pad left me with the colour that's in the bottle, the light silvery blue. More pics:

Direct sunlight:

That last picture was indoors, in the evening, with a flash. You can see how it almost glows when light hits it, it's a really special polish. I'm so grateful to the lovely (and uber talented nail blogger) Michelle for picking this out for me because I don't think I'd have ever picked it up based on the bottle and I adore it.

You can pick this polish up now on for the absolute bargain price of €3.75 - trust me, it's a must-have. 


  1. Dang.. its really pretty! But I have an abundance of Blue polishes and I need to curb my habit for a little while and use a few of the colours I already have... Also, your nails are looking flipping awesome!

  2. So pretty, I'm obsessed with china glaze!


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