Thursday, January 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday - My Diary: The One With Birdshite Woman

July 12th. Location: Couch. Mood: Blah.
My eyes are not focusing in any sense of the word. Trying to find something shite to keep me awake, having one of them McBeal moments where I'm seeing Shay Given and Robbie Keane everywhere. But not dancing  in nappies. Don't even 'member bringing the flags over to the couch, too comfortable to go to bed and my ass is wet coz my shorts weren't dry because our central heating system is shite. But I wanted to wear my shorts so what the hey. Ooh South Park or Double Jeopardy? Hmmm, ok.

South Park VS Double Jeopardy. Gladiators.........READY!

Result: Double Jeopardy wins because South Park is a repeat....oh but one I haven't seen. Balls. Watchin da film. But it ain't on yet. SIGH. POXY TV STATION. Gonna stop writing now. G'bye.

It's STILL NOT ON. Thinking about *illegible scribble*

Ugh, that bloody looks like it says Greg. IT'S NOT GREG, FYI YOU NOSY COW, GREG IS DISGUSTING.

I will now attempt to write my name in Greek.

*random Greek letters*

And for all I know that could mean Birdshite woman. That is me. I am birdshite woman.

I am be pleasing to write to diary in future perhaps in tomorrow, when light of day it is. In moment madness it is taking over the eyes (μάτια - eyes - WOOOO!!) goodnight my friend, I be speak to you sooner.

Ooh, ooh, films on. Eyes are, however, not co-operating.

Until next time, Stone x


Again with the patriotism - wrapping myself in flags seems to be an ongoing theme here, no idea why. And the bloody Greek - WHY THE GREEK?! More to the point, WHERE THE HELL WAS I GETTING THE GREEK?! Also no idea why I was trying to stay awake when I was rather tired.

Have no recollection of ever encountering anyone named Greg. This page contained a doodle of someone with a very sharp nose and two Bosco cheeks. Maybe Greg? Sorry, Greg.

Yes, I signed off as Stone. As in Sharon Stone. So.Much.Cringe.


  1. I am loving how you are sharing your diary with us, but I have learned my lesson not to drink tea while doing so. Constantly laughing so hard I spilled the tea on myself. Poor Greg he must not have left a lasting impression. X

  2. 'Cons: ass is wet.' I LOVE this series. Please continue.

  3. Cute blog posts! Very different!

    Kelly x


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