Thursday, January 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday - My Diary: The One Where It's All A Bit Greek

June 15th. Location: Bedroom. Mood: Learny.
Ooh, ooh, knowledge girl. Observe.

δέκα ημέρες, δέκα νύχτες - ten days, ten nights.
Θέλω να σε δω - I want to see you. Pronounced thelo no se do. (Thelo no se do, army man.)
γεια - Hi.
δεσμεύουν τα μάτια μου - Bind my eyes.
Χριστούγεννα - Christmas.

So proud of myself right now.

Bit jealous of Samantha Mumba, every time I turn the radio on her song is on it. I bet if I was on Let Me Entertain You I'd have had a better song by now. Definitely wouldn't be able to wear what she's wearing in the video. Or jump across rooves [sic]. Wouldn't really like having to go all over the world either. Or be in Smash Hits answering shite questions. I really wish my hair was as long as hers though, I could put my little plaits in again and Aoife's Mam wouldn't piss herself.

*Up Da Irish Team 4EVA*


Right. Were we playing Greece or what?! Absolutely no idea what that's about. Not a clue. Opening line is suspiciously Buffyspeak-ish. No doodles on this page!

Let Me Entertain You was a short-lived talent show on Irish television, presented, I'm almost certain, by Gerry Ryan. My sister and I sang something together, recorded it on tape and sent it in as an application to be on the show - I still have the generic rejection letter somewhere, but when the show came out I watched it and seethed at any female contestant who was on it. Including a young Samantha Mumba.

Can't for the life of me remember what the song was, but more than likely something off  Now 43  - we used to get these tapes between us and swap them every so often. My favourite song off that tape was this one:


Again, hair problems - I decided dreadlocks would be a good look (here - Keith Duffy and Faye Tozer went down the same very, very wrong path) so I spent HOURS putting tiny tiny plaits in my hair and left them in for a whole summer.When I took them out I looked like Sideshow Bob and somehow thought I looked absolutely fabulous. My friend Aoife's Mam worked in the library and nearly wet herself when she saw me. No photographic evidence exists THANKFULLY.


  1. Brilliant. I also detected the Buffy speak :) Greatly enjoyed the dreadlock story too.

  2. Sharon, your gas.. I was skitting reading this. .you legend :)

  3. For some random reason I mentioned 'Let Me Entertain You', in conversation, over Christmas and no-one knew what I was on about. I was beginning to think I had imagined the entire series. I will know be showing them this to prove I was right. ;-)

  4. Bind my eyes, lol!! These are gold.

  5. This was fabulous! Hugely enjoyed it, look forward to reading more :)


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