Friday, January 31, 2014

Lidl/Tesco/Aldi Nappy Comparison

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Before Christmas, I put three brands of budget nappy to the test - Toujours (Lidl), Tesco Loves Baby, and Mamia (Aldi). All three are similarly priced, under €7 for over 50 nappies.

L-R: Lidl, Tesco, Aldi

As you can see from the photo, the Tesco ones are the largest of the size 3 nappies. They're also the softest and lightest - if you're a fan of Pampers nappies you'll love the Tesco Loves Baby ones. Unfortunately, I am NOT a fan of Pampers. I find that they don't absorb smells or wetness as well as they should for the price.

I had a similar problem with these - although they had a great fit around the legs and waist, they just felt too light to me. I'm sure they'd be a big hit with an older baby who doesn't need changing as often. The lads' skin also felt wet and sticky when changing them, which means there has to be moisture sitting on the surface of the nappy. Not good.

Next up are the Aldi ones.

The Aldi ones used to be my favourite - I used the newborn ones on my boys with no problems. However, they've recently changed the packaging, and I've found that the quality has gone downhill. At least 5-6 times now they've leaked after 1.5-2 hours - definitely not practical on a small baby and even less so when you have two to change every few hours. I've also found with these that the boys' skin can feel wet when changing them.

Lastly are the Lidl ones.

I love these! They feel a little stronger, they're waxier or harder or something - but not in a bulky way. They hold moisture really well, and the boys often still feel dry to the touch after an hour or two. Darren sleeps from 6pm-7am and he has never, ever had a leak with a Lidl nappy. Other brands have meant that I've had to take him out of the sleeping bag at 2/3am to change his nappy, clothes, bag, sheet... a pure nuisance.


  1. Brill post we're definitely going to stock up on the lidl ones so!

  2. I agree with the Lidl nappies I changed over to them about 18months ago and they are the best for my little one and the best thing is we now save a fortune. So I will be in stocking up :) great post as always x


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