Monday, November 4, 2013

NOTD featuring Ireland's first Indie Nail Polish Brand!


Image: Anita's Beauty Spot

I love nail polish. We all know this. I also love buying unique or special things - even better if I can support a small business or entrepreneur in the process. When I heard that Anita of Anita's Beauty Spot had started her own line of nail polishes, including a custom option, I purchased one immediately. I worked with Anita via e-mail to create my own custom shade, and it arrived a few weeks ago - I finally got the chance to try it out this weekend.

My custom shade is a yellow-toned green with small holographic glitters. Initially I was going to try it over a similar base colour, but I said I'd try it on its own to see how opaque it is. I used a clear base coat in case of staining (I'm taking no more chances with greens, blues or yellows - I suffered the consequences of underwear-free Minions all summer). The swatches here are using three coats of Miss GreenEyes and one coat of Poshé to add a bit of gloss.

Here's a closer look at the polish in the bottle:

And on my nails, indoors:

And indoors again, with flash:

Precious Polish contains no camphor, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, or formaldehyde resin. The glitters used are solvent resistant, and all polishes are made to order. If you want to place an order for any of the current polishes available, visit Anita's store or e-mail her. You can also reach her on facebook or twitter. A custom polish will set you back the incredibly reasonable price of €8 including standard postage, while a shade from her current collections (exluding the Blogger Collection) costs €7. There's a recorded delivery option for an extra €2.50 if you deem it necessary.

Anita has also teamed up with some brilliant Irish beauty bloggers to create six special shades - you can check it out here. They cost €8 each, with shades designed by RaraGiggles, GirlFriday, CutiClueLes, Not Just Inside, The Nail Affair, and The Glamour Nazi.

All in all I'm super impressed with the quality of the polish, I only have a couple of Indies but Precious Polish definitely holds its own amongst them. It's nice to see really well pigmented shades too. The polish applied well and lasted well. If I had any criticism it would be maybe a different label, but in all honesty that's just nitpicking, because it's genuinely a great product and I'm delighted to finally see an independent polish maker emerge on our shores.

Definitely not my last purchase.

***Disclaimer: I bought and paid for this polish myself with my own money, but did receive a blogger discount of 10%.***


  1. Oooh a polish just for you, how special :D

  2. Ooooh your one is really pretty,

    1. Thanks Donna, have loads of ideas for more, will have her kept busy! :)

  3. Ah that's fab, I just got a polish yesterday, looks fab, can't wait to try!

    1. Brilliant, it's such a good idea & about time someone in Ireland did it! x

  4. Such a gorgeous, unique shade! That's amazing to be able to order a custom nail polish for such an affordable price, that's fantastic! It looks lovely on you :)


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