Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween NOTD with KKCenterHK and China Glaze

***A product in this post was provided free of charge. Opinions are 100% mine.***


Although I'm still on a blogging hiatus of sorts, I couldn't let Halloween go by without marking the occasion. With that in mind, I have something to show you that I've been holding back for AGES - some amazing nail water decals from KKCenterHK.

The decals I was sent are here - Halloween Decals - and cost under $3. Here's a closer look.

I'd never used decals before, but they were really easy - first, I chose my base colours. A black pumpkin polish and Catrice Yellow Sub-Mandarin.

Then, I cut out the individual decals I wanted to use, gripped them with a tweezers, soaked them in water, and positioned them on my nails. They weren't too slippery, and were easily sealed with a layer of Poshé. I added a few gold studs, because... yeah. Must use ALL the embellishments!

I'll definitely be buying more decals, there are hundreds of different designs to choose from and they're really good quality.

In case decals aren't quite your thing (my husband HATED them), I have a great Halloween polish for you - this one is from China Glaze's 2013 Monsters Ball collection.

Guess why I bought this. Go on.

Anyway - this is just one coat of Howl You Doin' over Catrice Yellow Sub-Mandarin

It's a thick flakie glitter polish in a kind of purple-black base. It's really much more opaque than I thought it would be, and it's definitely a polish you could get a pretty decent application from if you were in a rush. 

It's a hard enough polish to capture, here's a look at it outside, complete with a lovely black pumpkin graphic to cleverly conceal a yucky hangnail. Genius, aren't I? 

You can really see how loaded this polish is - it's definitely one of my 2013 must haves, and probably the only one I'll buy from the Monsters Ball collection.

I'll hopefully be back with another post in a few days - I'm writing in between feeds/changes/trying to find time to have a wee/make a cup of coffee/carve a pumpkin - (observe my attempt at The Joker below, epic fail), but in the meantime - have a great Halloween!


  1. The nail polish looks beautiful, love the shimmer going trough it.

    1. Me too, it's lovely when the light hits it x

  2. OMG BABIES *maawwwwwwwwwwhhhhh* so fricking cute! Love the pumpkin, that is seriously well done. I hated the monster ball collection from China Glaze but I love the names. Howl you doin' had me in stitches the first time I heard it.x

    1. I didn't really like many of the other ones in the collection either, there's one that I can't remember the name of now - something to do with bats - that I was going to get but it was basically just a glitter topper so I didn't bother! x

  3. Yay, I got so excited when I saw your post! Your nails as always are brilliant, but looks at your cute baby boys they are just adorable! Your pumpkin is so cool as well xx

  4. Aww the babies are so cute!! The nails are fab looking, never tried decals before!

  5. The cuteness, I want to squish there little cheeks

  6. OMG they are so cute, I want to squish their little cheeks.
    I love that polish, I bet it could work nicely on top of quite a few other colours too.

  7. Oh my goodness.
    They are absolutely adorable . Complete cuteness overload.
    Delighted have arrived safe and sound.

  8. That China Glaze polish looks amazing!! Just my kinda colour - anything black, purple and sparkly is right up my alley!! I love the gold studs on your Halloween nails - fangtastic job as always! :D Your new bundles of joy are sooooo cute! I almost feel tempted to say well wear! lol


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