Tuesday, August 27, 2013

NOTD: Back to School


Have you ever been surprised by something you'd done? These were the nails I did for back to school last year:

The surprising thing about these was that I don't like them, but they're one of my most repinned manis on Pinterest. I have no idea why - looking at them almost a year after I've done them, I definitely wouldn't wear them again. This year, I was a lot happier with what I came up with.

I started off with a base of white, and drew some blue & red lines on with a striping brush. For the index finger, I used an orange/yellow base, a pinky/orange tip, and a stripe of silver in the middle to look like a pencil. I added some borders using a darker silver, and some doodles to the 'page' nails with a small nail art brush.

I'm really happy with how they turned out - and also that they earned a place in the August/September issue of Nail Art Gallery Magazine!

My nail art mojo still hasn't completely returned, but bear with me, I have a few things in the pipeline. Also, don't forget to enter my Asos giveaway in conjunction with ao.com - click the picture in the sidebar to enter!


  1. Lovely, really nice. I also like your design from last year, its great and deserves all the repinning.

  2. I think last years nails are so much fun i love them! I knew straight away from this years nails that you had a pencil, oh the memories of those useless rubbers on top xxx

    1. Thank you! I know, they'd last for one mistake and that's it, they'd crumble everywhere!

  3. ahh those are some amazing nail arts! the one from last year is really really good:D you are so talented:)
    lots of love xx

  4. I can see why they were popular, so much fun! I love that the pencil and lined paper idea, very effective! :-)

  5. Wow!! How unbelievably impressive. Such fun and yet such talent you have. I'm your new follower, love your blog content.



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