Sunday, July 14, 2013

Personalized Order from

Hi! is a website that offers personalised items at a great price. I came across it after I broke my favourite mug and wanted a replacement. I had birthday money from my sister to spend online but I didn't want to spend silly money on a mug, so when I saw that cowcow were offering free international shipping along with a generous discount at the time, I went for it.

I spent ages looking through all the different categories - you can get phone covers, bags, mugs, t-shirts, magnets, stationery, umbrellas - anything you can put a picture on. In the end, I went for a mug ($11.99 here) and a mini toiletries bag ($14.99 here). At the time,there was a discount and free shipping, so my total order came to $18.99 (€15.37/£13.29 at the time).

I spent ages looking for images online, and finally found two I was happy with. I went for a Sunnydale High School logo on the mug, and a Supergirl picture on the bag. The site allows you to add text or overlay images, and you can use your own personal photos if you want. It's really easy to use.

The quality of the stuff is amazing for the price, the bag is printed on one side and fits a serious amount of stuff in it. I'm using it as a little makeup bag and it's ideal. The mug is sturdy, strong, and well made.

I ordered on June 21st, the items were shipped on June 27th, and I received them on July 9th. I actually can't remember whether they came from China or the U.S, but they came really well packaged in a box. The mug was padded and boxed in a smaller box inside, and the bag had a little dust jacket on it.

Cowcow release different weekly discount codes every Tuesday via their facebook page, which you can find here: Most of the time, the deals include free shipping. It would be an amazing way to make something pretty with a photograph you love.

I purchased these products with my own money (well...technically, my sister's money) and I wasn't asked to write this review or promote the site by anyone. I just thought it was worth a mention!


  1. I love both of these so much! Great picks! Sounds like an excellent website too, must check it out.

    1. Thanks Chloe! It's really handy, would be lovely if you have a special photo you want to do something different with.

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing this great site! Especially with Christmas not all that far away lol I love the mug by the way lol

    1. No problem, just call me the enabler! It is great for gifts, especially people who are hard to buy for, they have great offers every week!

  3. That bags amazing
    i'm such a comic book character geek

  4. Love your blog! I've been looking for some inspiration for my personalised stationery and this has really helped! Thank you!

  5. I. LOVE. THE. MUG.

    I am such a Buffy fan! I'm heading over to the site now for a wee nose...


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