Sunday, June 30, 2013

China Glaze - OMG a UFO


OMG a UFO is one of 12 colours released earlier this year as part of the China Glaze Hologlam collection. I picked this one up for around $6 in my recent nailsupplies order.

I didn't like this at all, lads. Firstly, it showed up every single tiny imperfection on the nails. I filed, buffed, and put on a base coat and it still made my nails look terrible:

It's also incredibly dull. In sunny weather, it might be great, but in natural everyday light, it's not holo at all. To me, it looked like a plain gold polish.

With a flash, it was holo but not overwhelming (and it still made my nails look awful):

I wasn't impressed by it at all. You definitely need a good ridge-filling base coat (which I don't have) to make this sit properly. You also need to followed around by a giant ball of sunshine or a spotlight to make it look interesting. This is the most holo photograph I could get (out of about 30):

Meh. I used some striping tape and a black pumpkin polish to try and make it look more interesting, but I think all I got was a mint humbug tribute:

I'm so glad I didn't pay Irish prices for this when it came out, and I'm so glad I didn't get any more of them!

Do you own any of the Hologlams?


  1. Thats a shame but I do love your mint humbug tribute!

  2. I heard these were disappointing when they were first released. It's nice but I agree, I would have been raging if I'd paid the irish price. Color club are the best for holo's x

    1. Color Club are definitely the best, worth every cent of €9. These China Glazes were an awful price when they were released, BeautyBay have them for €15.50 each and that's a sale price!!!! Madness. Not worth half it.

  3. I've never tried this range. It's so annoying when you find a product and it turns out to be crappy! Although I love the mint humbug tribute! xxx

    1. It was so disappointing! China Glaze are a brilliant brand in general, their glitters and cremes are amazing, but this was so awful! x


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