Thursday, May 30, 2013

NOTD: Summer-Friendly Studs


While I am not the biggest fan of hot weather, I do like the odd bit of sun. Today was another beautiful day here in Ireland (there's a sentence you don't hear often) so I wanted to do something really bright and neon on my nails. However - I have been having a love affair with all things studded for a long time now and I really don't think a couple days sunshine is a good excuse to end things. Enter my newest favourite polish and a packet of eBay's finest 99c studs.

Already much raved about in this post

Studs from HERE.
Just a note on the studs - firstly, they took bloody ages to arrive from China. Secondly, they're hard to pick up, so use a blob of blu-tac on the end of a dotting dool or pen to pick them up. You don't need nail glue, just pop them on wet polish and then use a topcoat.

Three coats of the glorious Sindy pink that is La Vida Loca and 3 studs later......

I wore that mani for a day until I got sick of the plain pink nails so decided to do this with a black polish and a striping brush (btw, the picture above is the most colour accurate one here):

Outside it's even pinker:

It's so, so hard to capture the colour of that pink, but here it is against a bottle of Cocoa Brown Tan - it should give you an idea of the type of pink it is in reality.

I LOVE this mani. Love it. Who says studs aren't summery?


  1. Looks lovely! I think I need to get some studs :)

  2. So cute! Orly La Vida Loca is so pretty!

  3. Ooh! What an amazing colour! *quietly gofgles*

  4. Lovely studs! Looks so posh. :)

  5. Lovely nails love how you have added the studs

    Carrieanne x

  6. these are deadly! can ye pop over and do mine? I havent the patience or inclination at the minute

    1. Haha I haven't the energy to go anywhere so we'll meet in the middle with a big bag of polish and 2 beanie chairs, deal? :)x

  7. Really love Orly polishes, they have some really vivid colours. The studs are amazing too! :)

  8. With the studs and the crosses, it reminds me of an 80s Madonna for some reason! That pink is so bright too!

  9. I love it! and that colour is GORGEOUS! x

  10. Oh I love this, looks really effective and the colour is perfect for this happy weather (sunny here)

  11. LOVE! I might actually try and recreate this one!


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