Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Essence Nail Art Twins Reloaded - Edward & Bella


I missed out on the fantastic Nail Art Twins the first time round, so when Essence re-released them as part of their current permanent (for now) line, I picked up a few. The ones I chose were Bella, Edward, and Julia. The others they had were Romeo, Mr. Big, and Carrie, but my stand seems to be constantly sold out of those three.

This is another example of the same name/different colour thing that Essence and Catrice do quite well - the original Edward was a forest green, and Bella was a green glitterbomb. This time around, Edward's been given a lilac blue makeover, while Bella is a discoball in a bottle. It irks me that Edward isn't the sparkly one, but anyway. Here they are.

Here's Edward on his lonesome - this applied well (I used one coat of Butter LONDON Horse Power underneath as a base coat because I'm trying to strenghten my nails) - the below picture is two coats of Edward. If I were wearing it on it's own, I'd apply another coat.

It's a lovely cornflower blue, even a little more dusky than in the picture. It leans more toward lilac than blue. The formula of Bella was also great - one coat did the job.


And here's a closer look:

I loved the little square glitters in Bella. It didn't leave a bumpy finish at all, but I'd recommend a topcoat anyway.

Essence Nail Art Twins Reloaded are available on larger stands and cost around €1.89-€1.99 each - I honestly can't remember how much they were because I've had them for ages, but they were definitely under €2 each.


  1. I have neve seen these but I want them!

  2. Really love that blue! So summery, imagine with sandals and tanned feet, divine!

  3. Super pretty! I need to get Mr Big and Carrie, if only for the names!

  4. I really love the Bella polish. I think I was a magpie in a previous life! Keep having to remind myself that as I am mainly doing Shellac now I don't need any polishes - especially glitter ones!

  5. oh i haven't seen this reloaded series but must keep an eye out. Very pretty combo :)

  6. Lovely Sharon! Thanks for the post! Oh, and trying to strengthen your nails? They look so strong and healthy! They almost look like acrylics, they are so good! <3


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