Friday, May 17, 2013

Barielle - Shannon's Attitude


I've mentioned before that I have a tendency to gravitate towards nail polish (or products in general) with quirky or funny names - I love a good pun, and I love a good pop culture reference. As far as I'm aware, Shannon's Attitude isn't an intentional pop culture reference, but around the time I popped it in my Transdesign basket (before their international shipping prizes went cray-cray), I was watching a lot of this:

If you haven't seen Thelma's Gypsy Girls, here's the lowdown - it was a documentary series about a dressmaker named Thelma who specializes in lavish gypsy wedding dresses. Thelma decided to run a course for several young gypsy girls to teach them how to make said dresses. The girls didn't really like to be told what to do. Thelma didn't really think her idea through before she went ahead. Cue lots of arguments. One of the girls, Shannon, was suspended for bad behaviour.

So. Who buys a polish based on the fact that it reminds her of the name of a young trainee gypsy dressmaker who gives her boss bad manners? Me, that's who.

Inside, no flash. It really IS that holo in natural light.

Barielle claim that this polish is "a purple jelly with foil flakes". It's not. It's a purple jelly with holographic bar glitter and tiny glitter particles. I had no issues with application at all, I didn't have to fish for bars. The formula was lovely and thick, and there were plenty of glitters with every dip of the brush. I did use underwear - a coat of W7 Rave (a light purple creme).

Inside, natural light, no flash.

I used two coats of Shannon's Attitude, no topcoat because I wanted to matte it (but forgot to).

Outside, daylight, no flash.
Close up:

I LOVE how holographic the large glitters are. They really are super sparkly in everyday light. I've no idea why I haven't used this polish before, but I'm definitely going to use it more.

You can buy Barielle from the aforementioned Transdesign, or from who offer a flat rate of $28 shipping to Ireland for 9 bottles of polish or less. Not too shabby, considering they have up-to-date collections from many brands (including new China Glaze for $2.99).

Anyone ever bought a polish for a more ridiculous reason than this one?


  1. Absolutely love this polish it's amazing!! Only seen Thelma's Gypsy Girls once but love it! haha who doesn't love a good rook. haha.

    Yorkshire Pud xx

  2. Oh this is seriously pretty! The flakes are really different. Love your reasoning behind buying it!

  3. Love the colour, anything holo is good in my book! :)

  4. It looks gorgeous!! =)=)
    Are you attending the blogger meeting on June 1st?
    Following you now!

  5. I wasn't too gone on how it looked in the bottle but it's GORGEOUS on! Reminds me of Unicorns.


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