Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Nail Polish Stash (Picture Heavy)


Last year, I did a post on how I store my nail polish. Since then, the whole swatch book thing didn't really go to plan (as in I kept buying more polish and forgetting to update it) so now I just group my polish by brand. I've been meaning to do this post for ages, and I can finally do it now because I'm not waiting on any polish to arrive.

All polishes were either bought by me, swapped with other bloggers, or gifts from friends/family. Nothing was sent for review. This post doesn't include a couple of Penneys sets and a box of no-name polishes from various euro shops. Or two drawers full of nail art pens, sticky-on nails and wheels full of various glittery things. Lord save us... I have polish I didn't even know I had.

Get ready, it's a big one (that's what she said).

In no particular order (because blogger put them all in the post at once):

China Glaze

Top Row: It's a Trap-eze, Running in Circles, Whirled Away, Ruby Pumps.
Middle Row: Sunshine Pop, Calypso Blue, Short & Sassy, Lubu Heels, I'm Not Lion.
Bottom Row: It's Alive, Atlantis, Oxidised Aqua, For Audrey, Outta Bounds.

Top Row: Mosaic, Lava Flow, Salt & Pepper.
Middle Row: Baby Pink, Rave, Sugar Mice, Snow White.
Bottom Row: Blue Sparkle, Gold Sparkle, Blue Diamonds.


Top Row: Blue Me Away, Sky High, Be a Star, Black Cab.
Bottom Row: Gold Save the Queen, Royal Blue, Disco Ball.

Essence Multi Dimension XXXL Shine

Top Row: The One And Only, Spicy, ? (name missing), Love of Pink, Fall For Me.
Bottom Row: Watch Out, Fatal, Purple Diamond, Movin' On.

Single Polishes

Top Row: Essie- Sexy Divide, Color Club - Harp On It, Chanel - Graphite, Zoya - Carey, OPI - Goldeneye.
Bottom Row: Hard Candy - Hick, Spectacular - Rocky, Nails Inc - Motcomb Street, Lac Attack - The Horcrux of It, Max Factor - Fantasy Fire.

More Single Polishes:

Top Row: Avon - Violetta, Nubar - Disco Blue Glitter, Gold - no name, Elf - Innocent, L'Oreal - Insolent Magenta.
Middle Row: Outdoor Girl - Gold, NYX Girl - Enchanted Forest, Pure Ice - Bedtime.
Bottom Row: Missguided - Misschevious, Confetti - Ice Ice Baby, Glo Baby Glo - 001, Accesorize - Aztec.

Barry M:

Top Left: Dusky Mauve, Black Multi Glitter, Amethyst Glitter, Black, Silvery Lilac.
Top Right: Mint Green, Coral, Turquoise, Blueberry Ice Cream, Lemon Ice Cream, Blue Moon, Shocking Pink.
Bottom Left: Green Sparkle Magnetic, Gold Foil, Silver Foil, Black Croc, Black Graffiti.
Bottom Right: Indigo, Grey, Blueberry Ice Cream, Fuschia, Raspberry.

Nicole by O.P.I

Top Row: I'm a Belieber (I KNOW), A Gold Winter's Night, Rainbow in the s-Kylie, Spring Romance.
Bottom Row: It's All About the Glam, Let's Get Star-ted, Kendall on the Katwalk.

Pumpkin Polish/Revlon:

Left: Pumpkin Polish (none of these have names, boo).
Top Right: Revlon Red, Scandalous (Facets of Fuschia), Decadent, Golden Charm.
Bottom Right: Devil's Lure, Teak Rose, Dreamer.

Essence Limited Edition:

Top Left: Bella, Romeo, Julia, Crazy in Love (Nail Art Twins Reloaded/Hugs & Kisses)
Middle Left: Evil Queen, Prince Charming, Grumpy. (Snow White)
Bottom Left: Jacob's Protection, Alice Had a Vision...Again, Edward's Love. (Breaking Dawn)
Top Right: Wear Your Little Tutu, On Your Gracile Tiptoe, Mashed Berries, One Kiwi a Day. (Ballerina Backstage, Fruity)
Middle Right: Copper Rulez, Metal Battle (Metallics) White/Black/Silver Stamping Polish.
Bottom Right: White Hype (Black and White), Crack Me! Blue.

Esence Nail Art Special Effect Toppers:

Top Row: Glowing in the Dark, Soft Touch, Circus Confetti, Glitter on Me, Mrs. & Mr. Glitter.
Bottom Row: Glorious Aquarius, Disco Disco, It's Purplicious, Night in Vegas, Cool Breeze.

Essence Colour & Go (New Bottles):

Top Left: Stuck on You, I Love Bad Boys, I'm Blue-tiful, The Boy Next Door, Miss Universe.
Bottom Left: L.O.L., Upper Green Side, Grey-t to be Here, Cookie Love, Ice Ice Baby.
Top Right: Ballerina's Charm, Naughty & Pink, Off To Miami, Redvolution, Flashy Pumpkin, Modern Romance.
Bottom Right: Gold Fever, Wanna Say Hello, Walk on the Wild Side, Prom Berry, Oh My Glitter.

Fearne Cotton for Boots/Kleancolor:

Top Row: Fearne Midnight Manicures Set, no names.
Bottom Left: Shining Sea, Blue Satin, Holo Chrome, Shooting Star, Golden Nightmare.
Bottom Right: Neon Orange, Bite Me, Twinkly Love, Kiss Goodbye, Chunky Holo Black.

Essence Colour & Go Old Bottles:

Top Left: Red-y to Go, Where is the Party, Luxury Secret, Princess Prunella, Gold Fever, Time for Romance.
Bottom Left: Make it Golden, No Doubt, Irreplaceable, Rich & Pretty, Nude it, Cafe Ole.
Top Right: Galactic Black, Midnight Charm, Hard to Resist, Underwater, Blue Addicted, Choose Me.
Bottom Right: Enchanted Fairy, Meet Me Now, You Belong To Me, Dress for a Moment, A Lovely Secret, Sure Azure, ?
 Wet n Wild/ Spoiled:

Top Row: Disturbia, I Need a Refresh-mint, Frosty Burgundy, Wild Orchid, Madly in Love, Buffy the Violet Slayer.
Bottom Row: Trust Fund Baby, The Parking Meteor Expired, Papa-Paparazzi, Shuffle the Deck.

Paese/KIKO/Butter LONDON/A-England:

Top Row:  Left - Paese 141 & 151. Right - KIKO 300 & 401.
Bottom Row: Left - All Hail The Queen & Henley Regatta. Right - Tess D'Urbervilles & Tristam.

Technic/Claire's/Evie Mai:
Left: Celebration, Bonanza.
Top Right: No names. Bottom Right - No name mood polish.

Models Own/Barielle/NYC:

Left: Wah! Smash-up Silver, Snow White.
Top Right: Shannon's Attitude, Blackened Bleu, Elle's Spell.
Bottom Right: Prince Street, Skin Tight Denim Creme, Times Square, Gramercy Glitz.


Top Left: Steel My Heart, Steel My Soul, Purple Reign, Shopping Day at Bluemingdales, I Sea You.
Bottom Left: Heavy Metallilac, Genius in the Bottle, Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans, Plum Play w/Me, Pinky & The Brain.
Top Right: Be My Millionaire, The Monkey Gets Funky, AciD/DC, Blues Brothers Vol II, Oh My Goldness.
Bottom Right: Pool Party at Night, Browno Mars, ASHley, Goldfinger, Lost in Mud.

Catrice Contd., & Limited Editions:

Top Left: Blues Brothers, Captain Sparrow's Boat, Run Forest Run, George Blueney, Old no name one.
Bottom Left: Spiced Bronze, Enter the Undergrowth, Colour Bomb, Bring Me Terra Copper.
Top Right: Pebble Beach, Virgin Forest, Birds Flyin' High, New York, My Milkyway.
Bottom Right: Red Butler, Doris' Darling, Gold Leaf Topcoat (which isn't gold leaf).

Sally Hansen:

Top Row: Be-Jeweled, Big Money, Spectrum, Uptempo Plum.
Middle Row: Dorien Grey, Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, Purple Pizzazz, Pumpkin Spice, Teeny Greeny Bikini.
Bottom Row: Midnight in NY, Plum Luck, Crinoline, Commander in Chic, Thinking of Blue.

GOSH/ Catrice Million Styles:

Left: Ocean, Rainbow, Holographic Hero.
Right: Return of Space Cowboys, Have an Ice Day, Godfather of Pearl.


Top Row: Atomic, Boogie Nights, Holiday Fun, Purple Crackle, Neon Orange Crackle.
Bottom Row: Collection 2000 - Shimmey Shake, Dynasty. Beauty UK - Funky Diva, Jelly Bean. 2True - 4 & 10.

Stargazer/Natural Collection/Korean:

Top Row: Stargazer -  138, 133, 308. Natural Collection - Shimmer Pink.
Bottom Row: Bisque (no name), Need Me (no name), Tony Moly - GS08 (Milky Way), GS09 (Shooting Star).

Sinful Colors/L.A. Colors:

Top Row: Exotic Green, Coco Diamond, Last Chance, Rain Storm.
Bottom Row: Current, Electrified, Atomic, Mega Watt.

Topcoats/Basecoats/Nail Treatments:

Mist-air, Lacura, Essence, Sally Hansen, Rimmel, W7 topcoats/basecoats/strengtheners.

O.P.I Mini Sets:

Left: Spiderman (Into the Night, Number One Nemesis, Just Spotted the Lizard, Number One Nemesis).
Top Right: Nice Stems (Play the Peonies, Come to Poppy, Be a Dahlia Won't You, I Lily Love You).
Middle Right: NYC Ballet (Pirouette My Whistle, Don't Touch My Tutu, Care to Danse, My Pointe Exactly).
Bottom Right: Ger-Minis (Don't Pretzel My Buttons, Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs, Unfor-greta-bly Blue, Nein!Nein!Nein! OK Fine!).
So, that's it. That's my stash. As much as I'd love to add more to it (specifically the OPI Euro Centrale, Mariah Carey & Oz minis, and half the Indies on Etsy) - I'm not buying any more. Until someone releases something extra nice. Or, I need cheering up. Whichever happens first....

Anyone have a huge collection of anything? Go on, make me feel less weird.

Also - scariest part of this post? Knowing all the names bar seven without having to go check them...



    1. You're most welcome to come over and swatch and label them all. Please. PLEASE! ;-)x

  2. Great collection! Not sure I could name all my polishes without looking at them though!

    1. Good Mastermind polish, right? The only ones I get confused with are the ones with numbers instead of names!

    2. Mastermind subject, not polish...

  3. Wow that is some collection! I have 2 towers full of nail polish & I have them all organised by brands, makes it so much easier to keep track of them but for someone who isn't mad about nail polish (I prefer makeup!) my collection is out of control!

    1. It's so easy to build it up quickly, there are so many new polishes released every month! I bet your makeup stash is impressive :)

  4. OMFG! And I thought I was bad?! You deserve some sort of aware for this.Have major polish envy right now! Those W7 ones look nice; havent tried that brand before.

    1. I actually really like W7, the quality is pretty good considering it's a cheap brand x

  5. Amazing collection!! I recognise the one I gave you :) this must have taken you ages !

    1. They're all in there somewhere! Yeah it took way too long, halfway through I was cursing myself for even starting x

  6. I love your stash! mine is so crap in comparison :P I need to start adding to it ;)

    1. It is not crap, you have some amazing polish! And at least you actually use yours! x

  7. You're my idol....

  8. OMG soooo jealous! Amazing collection! x

  9. Oh my gosh, I'm jealous! I am obsessed with buying nail polish but it's not quite on that scale. I feel like I buy a bottle with every trip to the chemist. How do you stop them from all drying out?

    1. I don't do anything with them! They're well away from the radiator, I give 'em a good shake every now & then if they start settling, and I make sure the caps are tight. That's about it! Blacks & Whites tend to go gloopy more than dry out, haven't really had a problem with drying at all x

  10. So many pretty colours! Loving this post, you've got a superb collection! x

    1. Thank you! I love looking at the colours too, so pretty all lined up! x

  11. Good God woman that's a whole lot of nail varnish!!

  12. oh good god that is an amazing stash!!! feeling a bit like i should break in to your house and "borrow" some polishes :p

  13. Luv that you took the time to do this :) its well worth it but it musta taken u aaaaaages :) Great post :) go with, you've a fab collection :) xx

  14. Fabulous Sharon!!!! I must a) get you some more KIKO and b) get hold of Catrice - Oh My Goldness!! I love looking at pictures of peoples stash! Maybe I should do mine....

  15. Amazing! I have a stash post coming up tomorrow, haven't counted them though :P

  16. wow drool..... I want them all!! :)

  17. I love this post! Having seen your photos I am now lusting after China Glaze Atlantis, Butter London Henley Regatta, that gorgeous green NYX glitter and ALL of the Essences and Catrices!! Love them!!! xxx


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