Monday, April 8, 2013

Review - Eau De Lacoste (For Her)


Something a bit different today.

A while back, I applied for a sample of Lacoste's new 2013 fragrance for women, Eau De Lacoste, via a facebook promotion. I was expecting either a carded sample or one the standard little 1.5ml sample vials - definitely not this incredibly generous 6ml EDP roll-on.

Firstly, there couldn't have been a more perfect choice for the face of this scent than Amy Adams. The campaign images are just stunning - everything from her hair to her nails are so fresh, clean, natural - here's a closer look.

Lacoste describe the fragrance as "A soft sensual feminine fragrance, evoking the fresh feeling of white pure cotton on skin." Usually I take perfume descriptions with a pinch of salt, but my god - this is bang on. I've used this perfume every day since I've gotten it and I'm not even one tenth of the way down the vial - it's amazing value for money. I applied it on my wrists and neck this morning at around 9am, and I can still smell it 8 hours later.

When the scent hits the fresh air, the top notes of Pineapple, Mandarin and Bergamot blend together to create what can only be described as Spring/Summer in a smell. After a few hours, it fades to a lighter version - I'm getting the base notes of Sandalwood and Vanilla at the minute. It made me want to walk around outside just to get a good whiff of it. It evokes images of crisp white sheets, fluffy towels, hazy sunshine - it's just.... dreamy.

This scent (and campaign) could have gone a bit jolly hockey sticks, but Lacoste have managed to create the perfect balance between preppy and sensual. If you like your perfume long-lasting, fresh, clean, crisp, grown-up, feminine, sensual and evocative, buy this. You're not going to lash it on for a night out, but it's the perfect day scent and very workplace appropriate. It's a sure-fire Spring/Summer staple and it's one I'll be repurchasing more than once.

A new daytime favourite.


  1. Jaysus it sounds gorgeous! I may have to head into boots for a sniff

  2. The sandalwood and vanilla notes are appealing to me so I must give this a spritz sometime.

    Also how fab does Amy Adams' hair look in this campaign! *has hair envy*

  3. This sounds beautiful for day time!

  4. sounds loverly! a nice generous sample size too! result


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