Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Haul!


You know when you use a handbag you haven't used in ages, and you find money in it? That happened me today. My first thought when I found it was to go straight to the Post Office and pay off a bill. So naturally, I did the complete opposite. I hit 3 different chemists, Lidl, and then went to Penneys. Wanna see?

Essence Oz cream blush €3.29, 'Flashy Pumpkin' polish €1.79, Oz liners
€1.89 each, and Catrice Neo Geisha Kohl liner, €2.29

The current Essence Trend Edition is in celebration of the release of "Oz: The Great and Powerful". The collection is not overly impressive, but I still managed to come away with 3 pieces from it. I got both eyeliners because I seem to have none at the minute, and both of these shades are great for my eye colour. I also picked up the cream blush, which has a tiny pump on it and blends really well, and I got one of the polishes from the Colour & Go line. It's a bright orange called 'Flashy Pumpkin' and reminds me a little bit of a darker version of Zoya 'Sharon' which I can't get my hands on. The black liner is from the Catrice 'Neo Geisha' collection (also a bit blah). Essence really missed a trick with the nail polish in this Trend Edition - they're all boring coloured crackles. Where are the ruby reds, the emerald green sparkles, the chrome tin man, the bronze lion?! I ramble. Anyway, here's an idea of what the stuff looks like.

Next up was Rimmel, I needed a new Wake Me Up foundation (this is my third bottle) and I picked up one of the Kate lipsticks too.

Wake Me Up Foundation: €9.95, Kate Matte lipstick in Shade 113: €6.95
At first sight I thought the Kate lipstick could be a dupe for my beloved MAC 'Shy Girl' (gifted to me on my wedding day by the lovely Karie) which I wear far too often, but naturally it wasn't one of the 11 (YES, ELEVEN) lip products in my bag today. Typical. Anyway, it's not a dupe, it's a lot brighter. It is one I'll stick in the handbag for a quick top-up though.

Here are both on my wonderfully dry unconditioned lips:

Next on the list was Lidl, where this baby was back in stock:

Suddenly Madame Glamour Perfume €3.49
I was gutted when our local branch didn't get this in for Valentine's Day, I had the sales assistants head wrecked, the poor girl even rang up a couple of other branches for me AND the head office. Alas, it was nowhere to be found near me. When I walked in today and saw an enormous stand of it, I grabbed a couple of bottles - if you haven't tried it, you really should. It's amazing. It also means I don't have to use up the last of my Lancome La Vie Est Belle (favourite perfume by a mile), result!

I wanted to check Penneys to see if they had the leopard print turban towel that Karen blogged about. They did! Woohoo! I also may have bought more scarves. Blaming Karen for that too. 

Leopard Print Hair Turban €1.50

Floral/Grey Scarf  €3.00

Grey/Heart Print Snood/Scarf €4.00

I can't go into Penneys without picking up socks and Pyjama bottoms, so I grabbed them too:

Cat Print Pyjama Bottoms €7

Skull socks (part of 3-pack) €2.50
Lastly, I picked up a make-up bag because none of mine are big enough to put all my daily bits in, and these are a great size if you're going to a friend's house, hotel, hospital, or any overnight stay. They're also washable, which is great.

Make-up Bag €6

These pads were on sale in our local chemist for €1.99 so I picked them up too, I find them really handy when I'm too tired or lazy to take off eye make-up.

Lastly, two online purchases arrived this week. The first one was the Sigma F80 Kabuki brush recommended to me by makeupmonster. I bought it on Cloud 10 Beauty and as usual had the speediest delivery ever.

Sigma F80 €17.95
I can't get over how good it is, it makes such a difference to my foundation and it's definitely something I'd repurchase if necessary. I also got a free Sigma mini eyeliner brush with my order and it's fabulous too, so precise. The little pot is a sample of the Handmade Soap Co. Calendula moisturiser - I detest the smell but the cream itself leaves my hands really soft and smooth, so this is definitely something I'd buy full-size, albeit with a different scent.

The last online thing was something I was really excited about. I've been banging on about Spectacular for years - since I was a teenager. Spectacular was the main 'cheap' nail polish brand around when I was in Secondary School. In an issue of J-17 or Shout (or some teen mag back in the day) they mentioned that Spectacular had a mail order catalogue - so a love affair began. Every so often, much like Essence or Catrice now, Spectacular had a special collection. They had a Grease one, a Wizard of Oz one, a Lilliput mini one, and a Rocky Horror one, to name a few. I've been on the hunt for some original Spectacular bits for AGES now, and last week, I finally found one. Someone is selling Spectacular Rocky Horror Gold polish on eBay. (HERE). I was terrified that it wouldn't reach me considering the new Royal Mail policy of hating nail polish, and when the package got to me today it was open. Cue major panic, but there he was in all his glory, hiding in an acre of bubble wrap. Rocky.

Rocky nail polish. Approx. €8

And now can't buy anything for about a month, but anyway.

Happy Friday!


  1. Okay, I need the pyjama's, the turban and the perfume. Lovely haul.

  2. You got yourself some lovely treats :) I love that Lidle perfume too, i got 2 last time they were in the shop, dead handy for work, so I can save my Gucci Guilt cuz no way can I afford to repurchase that!!
    I'll be on the prowl in Penneys this weekend for the grey heart snood and the leopard turban is already on my list :)
    Great post xx

  3. awesome, really like the look of that essence blush, been looking all over for it but all my essence stands still have vintage district...

  4. I'm sooooo jealous of all your new pretty things! I haven't spotted the perfume in my local Lidl, I really want to get it!
    I have to ask, do you have other brushes similar to the F80? I'd love to know how it compares to them!

    1. Hey Katie, I don't have any brushes similar to the F80 but I've been told it's very similar to the Blank Canvas F20, but not as dense. x

    2. Oh cool, thanks so much! Hope you're loving all the new things!
      I've actually tagged you in one of the posts in my blog if you'd like to check it out and do it also!

  5. Love this post! I just might have to buy that hair turban, it's fab :)

  6. I'm totally in the market for a new turban, mine is about 10 years old! Off to root in old handbags...

  7. That scarf is absolutely gorgeous! Need it! You're so like me, being sensible with money is boring, especially unexpected surprise money! Nice post, I am a new follower :) - Would love for you to check my blog out, I have a Firmoo Glasses giveaway on too, just scroll down my blog a tiny bit :D

  8. Aww great haul and delighted you love the Sigma Kabuki!!

  9. Thanks for following my book blog, following you back :-)

    Great haul, love the scarfs in Penny's at the moment, cheap as chips but fab colours. Nice!

  10. Great haul!

    I happened upon the Oz collection for the first time today and was so unimpressed with the crackle nail polishes. They've really had their moment...and that moment was about two years ago...

    My boyfriend's local Lidl has had a giant stack of that perfume for months now. I've heard so many great things but they haven't got a sample bottle so I'm too afraid to buy it without a sniff first.

    Love those Penneys socks too. They are too cute. They must be mine!


  11. ooh, sounds like a nice little shop you had there : ) very good luck finding that money!

  12. OMG, I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show, that polish looks class! I never knew Spectacular released collections like that, jeez, I've really been missing out! Delighted to hear you like the Sigma brush - it's one of my favs too I rarely ever use my MAC 187 for my foundation now since I got it. I'm liking the look of that Leopard print turban, tis a shame I missed out! I'm a devil for raiding penney's as well, I always end up buying far too much stuff i don't need, but with the prices it's so hard to resist!


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