Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bright Easter Nails with Barry M


Ahh, Springtime. It conjures up images of bunnies, lambs, daffodils, Easter eggs, and..... eh... snow.

This is the third or fourth day in a row that I've been looking out my window at either snow, rain or hail, and it's really been getting everyone down. School holidays are great, but not when you can't go outside for ten minutes without being pelted with a hailstone. Yesterday I was doing a cross stitch sampler for a christening, and I really wanted to do something on my nails to cheer myself up. I was inspired by these gorgeous threads:

I went through my stash and realised I've a serious amount of Barry M polishes that I've never even used. I picked 6 of the brightest ones:

With the exception of the yellow, I painted each nail a different base colour.

All the polishes except the green & turquoise applied like a dream - the pink and coral are potential one-coaters. The turquoise was a bit streaky, and the green took three coats to give full coverage. I used every polish except each nail's base colour to make dots - I couldn't find a dotting tool so I used a cocktail stick with the pointy bit chopped off. I used a nail polish remover wipe to clean it in between colours. Add a topcoat to smooth the dots out, and you're set.

It's seriously bright and it cheered me up no end! It reminds me a bit of Calippo shots, which are incidentally like multi-coloured hailstones. Oh, the irony.


  1. Love it! The colours are beautiful. Great way to brighten up the dreary weather :) x

  2. the multicoloured dots are so cute, I have mint green and it's one of my favourites :)


  3. Very cute, and look like lil easter eggs too :) yummy :)

  4. Very very cute!!

  5. Oh my god I love it, gonna try it out soon when it stops snowing! :L


  6. Love the bright dots!


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