Monday, January 28, 2013

NOTD: Studded Nails with Essence Vintage District


The current Trend Edition from Essence, "Vintage District" just launched in Ireland. I picked up three pieces from the collection - both Nail Art Kits and the Blusher. The blusher, by the way, is the most amazing peach shade and has become my absolute favourite, I'm going to buy a back-up. It's gorgeous. The gold overspray rubs off with the first touch of a brush to reveal a darker peach shade underneath. Highly recommended!

On to the nail art kits - there are two, "Something g-old, Something new" and "Designer for a Day". The silver beads I used today are actually in both kits, but I used the ones from "Something g-old, something new".

Something g-old, Something new.

You could use them for a Ciate-inspired caviar manicure, or individually. I'm not a fan of the caviar mani, so I did this:

The only slightly negative thing I'd say about the nail art kits is that the packaging is a little awkward to work with - the little plastic zip bag is really no addition because you can't mix the different elements afterwards, you still have to keep them separate. If you have an empty rhinestone wheel, it'll come in handy for storing these.

To use the microbeads, I spilled some of them out onto a post-it, and just dampened the tip of a skewer and pressed each individual bead into slightly tacky polish. When I was finished, I rolled the post-it up carefully and funnelled them back into the bag.

I used one coat of an unbranded top coat to seal.

It's completely impractical for a normal day doing housework, cooking & cleaning, but I'm definitely going to do this again on a weekend or a night out.

Well done Essence!


  1. These are blooming amazing!! So cool! I just bought these today and may have to do something very similar :P

  2. Brilliant manicure. I know what you mean-so impractical for everyday use but so so pretty :P x

  3. Sweet! I'd never have the patience for those mini rhinestones though I fear, fair play!

  4. Gorgeous! I'm regretting not picking up the sets now!

  5. Class, love your work. Gotta get this set. Hope it's in Penneys.

  6. Amazing, I can't wait to try these for myself :)

  7. They look amazing on your nails, your very talented! I saw the blusher when I was in town at the weekend & it's stunning! I'm on a spending ban at the moment but I may just break it to buy that because I know it won't still be around in a couple of weeks x

  8. you did an amazing job!! I love these and I think they look great :) pure rock chick!

  9. I love your many so much! So edgy!


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