Tuesday, December 4, 2012

30 Before 30 - #1 Introduction & Franken.


This isn't a standard nail polish, craft, music or book post so you're welcome to skip it if you want, but I just really wanted to do this!

Next June, I turn 30. I look at all the things I have achieved in my life so far and I'm happy - but there are so much more things I want to do. I don't know how 30 got so close without me realising, I suppose I still think I'm a teenager - I certainly don't feel like an adult yet, despite being the mother of an 8 year old and being married!

One of my favourite blogs is Breige's over at Rare Opal, and I was so inspired by her "25 before 25" series that I knew I wanted to do something like that before I turned 30. I'm desperate for lapsing into daydreams and wishing half the day away, and this time I want to actually make things happen for myself instead of sitting here thinking "maybe one day..." so, I've decided to do a "30 Things Before 30" list. I'm going to make a separate page on the blog for it, and I'll do a little post every time I tick something off. I'm really looking forward to it, and if you can think of any way to cross something off the list, please let me know!

Since I started writing this list last week, I was hoping to tick one thing off:

7: Franken my own nail polish.

We all know about my obsession with nail polish names, and in the absence of a proper Buffy the Vampire Slayer collection, I decided to franken my own. I got an old Essence Colour & Go clear nail polish, an old Essence purple eyeshadow, and a crapload of Hong Kong's finest glitter courtesy of eBay. A paper funnel, a good ol' shake, a bit of acetone to take the labels off (and the entire silver colour off the cap) and what do you get?

The name is from one of my favourite episodes, Tabula Rasa. It looks pretty nice in the bottle, doesn't it? Sigh. Can you guess what's coming? I almost wasn't going to bother watermarking the next one, because nobody in their right mind would want to pass this off as their own, but in the interest of honesty.....

All kinds of yuck.

I'm not giving up that easily, though - a visit to the bargain Essence colour & go basket is in order and I will make an acceptable franken if it kills me!

I'll post regular updates on my "30 Before 30", feel free to ignore as many of them as you want to!


  1. Oh my god I'm making the same list, turned 29 in October and want to set a list of things to achieve for myself before the big 3-0!

    1. Yay!! And look at us, leaving it until the last minute hahaha :D Best of luck with your list xxx

  2. I love this idea - I'm already wanting to do a "21 before 21"! Good luck with yours :) x

  3. Aww thanks for the shout out! I'm going to read your list right after this. You should try the polish over a purple maybe? it might help brig it out a bit better. I tried franken-ing my own polish recently and it didn't go great either :(

  4. Brilliant idea!! I can't wait to see how you fair out with them

  5. lovely post! great idea :)


  6. Thanks a million girls, & Chloe you should definitely do it, it makes you think :) X

  7. I've made a few myself and liked how they turned out but I'm dying to try some more! If you put some clear polish over it would you be happier with it? It looks fine apart from being a bit bumpy!

  8. Thick topcoat on top of that to smooth it out and give it some shine would make this franken lush! :D

  9. Good to make a list.. I have never made any cos I think I am happy as I can be with a good family .. I am contented as it is.. Life is good and hope it is just as good for you Sharon :)


  10. @Jacinta & ER - I must actually get a really good thick topcoat, none of mine are good enough to make that mess glossy! x

    @Samantha - lovely comment, you have a great attitude! I'm really thankful & I'm happy with life thank god but I get awful bored at home all the time & I love writing lists so this was perfect :D xx


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