Monday, October 8, 2012

NOTD: Rimmel Metal Rush Gold Save The Queen


I'm so busy with wedding stuff at the minute that I haven't had time to blog, but I did manage to paint my nails today!

I had to go to Mullingar today to pick up a dress for the day after the wedding (T-minus 3 weeks now, eek!) and nipped into Penneys (Primark) while I was waiting for New Look to open. Sure it'd be rude not to, right?

Whatever it is about the Penneys in Mullingar, I always end up finding weird little things I can't find in any other branch. Everything was a bit scattered today, but I did manage to pick these up:

The whole lot cost around 30 euro - I don't know why I got the watch, I don't even wear a watch, but I thought the rose gold colour was pretty and it'd go well with a blazer. If I had a blazer.

Anyway, the two polishes there are Angelica - Vertigo, and Rimmel Metal Rush - Gold Save The Queen.

This is a Rimmel edition that I hadn't heard of - it wasn't on a stand, the polish was just sitting by the Angelica display on its lonesome so I don't know what other colours are in the range. I have to confess, Rimmel is not usually a brand that catches my eye because I feel like they play it safe with their colours. This caught my eye immediately and I really like it, and I hope it's an indication of how they're taking their polishes up a notch.

In the bottle straight on, it's a metallic dark beige/rose gold colour. It shifts through pink, beige, gold and green. You can see the green tint better on the bottom of the bottle.

This is not usually a colour I'd imagine would suit me, but I really, really like it. Application was flawless. This was two coats.

Don't ask me why that corner thing is there. I was fooling around with Picmonkey and I really haven't the energy to go and do it over. Anyway - in daylight, it' a dark molten gold colour.

Inside, it shifts to a lighter gold with a pink undertone and a slight green sheen. You can really see the green in the pinky on the following picture:

Overall, it's a really pretty colour and one I can see myself using a lot. It's a lovely warm take on gold, and will be such a pretty A/W polish. I don't own anything like it and I love how it changes to different gold tones in the light. Well played, Rimmel.

Have you seen any of the other polishes in the Metal Rush range yet? 


  1. It's gorgeous. I'm liking the look of that Angelica one too :P And now you know you have to go out and get a blazer right? ;)

  2. Love your mini haul, that watch is very cute!

  3. It's gorgeous and I'm loving the watch so much!!!

  4. Ooh, I really like that gold. Penneys is my downfall, I can't leave without buying something ever.

  5. Yes, I've been dying to see a swatch of this!

  6. OMG I love that bag with the gold studs on it! I love the rose gold watch ( I need one ) and I love the gold polish. I think gold is a nice color for the season

    nancyxo <3

  7. oooh I love the look of this!definitely might treat myself seen as boots have 3 for 2 on ;) x

  8. Love this colour! I need to purchase more metallics x

  9. Wedding stuff - exciting! That is a lovely little haul from Penneys! The watch looks amazeballs.


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