Friday, September 28, 2012

Pumpkin Polish!


It's been a while since I had the inclination to blog, as many of you who follow me on twitter know. I'm not going to go into it here but thanks a million for all the kind words over the last few weeks, it meant a lot.

Since I last posted, I've accumulated a nice little stash of new polish, mostly from swaps (apart from one very bold Barry M spree). The first one I want to talk about is the Pumpkin Polish one - I was on a facebook swap group late one night and mentioned these. While I was still online, a lovely lady in the U.S named Molly went straight to her local Rite Aid and picked me up six of these beauties! Another lovely lady named Kate swapped two polishes with me, one being the glow in the dark pumpkin one that I'll show you in a few minutes.

Here's a look at them in all their pumpkin glory - I may have gone a bit overboard with the Picmonkey editing, but ye may get used to it because I will be milking Halloween for all it's worth at every available opportunity!

They don't have names :(

I'll get to the others eventually, but for now, I played with the black, purple glitter, and glow in the dark. I was really impressed with the black - it was opaque enough for a glitter topcoat in one coat, but I used two just to be sure. The purple glitter was AMAZING. They are definitely not 3-free, you can tell by the smell, but they have that fantastic old-school one-coat glitter consistency. I didn't have to dab the glitter on like I usually do, this was lovely and thick and applied like a dream. I used two glitter coats.

Inside, no flash

Outside, no flash
The glitter is unbelievably glittery, I can't stop looking at it and I haven't seen a glitter polish like this since my Spectacular days. I absolutely adore it! While I'm here, I want to show you the newest addition to my box of tacktastic rings:

Frog Ring: Asos
I got it on sale at Asos, I will probably hardly wear it, it's completely impractical but I LOVE it.

Now, on to the first time a polish has ever frightened the living daylights out of me. The glow in the dark Pumpkin Polish wasn't the first glow in the dark I've tried, and if I'm 100% honest, I wasn't holding my breath for it to work. I just wanted the pretty Pumpkin. How wrong was I?! This picture hasn't been edited in any way, bar the watermark.

Want to know why it scared the hell out of me? The evil face. I hadn't copped that there were two different faces on the bottles, so when I took this picture in the dark, I was convinced it was either a trick of the camera or a design feature that the face would change from triangular eyes to scary ones. It took me 15 solid minutes of examining the triangles to work out how it turned evil in the dark. FIFTEEN. At one point I was genuinely freaked out because I couldn't work it out.

I watch too many demon programmes.

Have a great weekend,


  1. Love that glitter polish! Think I may have to get that frog ring, it's too cute! :)

  2. haha 15 minutes! I would have fecked that bottle into a field if that happened to me.

    1. My heart was going a thousand miles a minute until I copped the face, such an eejit!!!

  3. Why arent these in the UK? Uber cute bottles, and very glow in the dark effect.

    1. Not in Ireland either, boo - been after these for so long, wish they made hem here - thought the quality would be rubbish but they're really good!

  4. oh wow,these look deadly! You're so lucky you get to swap with people from the US. I'd love to try the glow in the dark one, Oh and I love the ring too :D

  5. Lol at the schizo pumpkin! Loving that ring big time, great post x x x

  6. The bottles are so cute!! The glow in the dark one looks absolutely fabulous, and I am as creeped out with how the bottle looked evil -- how very smart of them to do it like that!!

  7. Good to see you back lady - that purple glitter looks fab and loving your frog ring!

  8. Oh wow, this shade is amazing! Really, really like it :)

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