Monday, September 10, 2012

NOTD: Paese 151


The weather is terrible here today, so dark and wet - I've had the kitchen light on for most of the day. I always feel really miserable on a day like this, and today was no exception - until my order from cloud 10 beauty arrived. I ordered these on Friday evening, so was delighted and amazed when they arrived this morning. Fantastic service!

Paese are a brand I don't know much about - they're from Poland, and they seem to be pretty popular in Eastern Europe. I've only tried one of their products, a primer belonging to a friend, which suited my skin so well and felt amazing. I've wanted to try their polish for ages, so when cloud 10 announced on Friday that they had some new shimmer polish in stock, I had to break the spending ban (as if I really stuck to it anyway, let's not beat around the bush). The shades above are 151 and 141. They were 3 euro ($3.80) each.

This is from the new range of shimmer polish available on the website. When I saw this today, my first thought was: "feck, I'm after buying another effing Peridot dupe' - but not so. Remember my comparison post about Catrice vs O.P.I in the dupe-off? Here's a shot of 151 next to Genius in the Bottle:

It's a completely different colour. 151 has some beautiful tones in there - I see blue, purple, green, and a  strong hint of a cool-toned gold. I love how this looks in the bottle - it almost looks electric, if that makes sense?

This claims to be a quick dry polish and it did dry really, really quickly. I used three coats but it was opaque in two.

Ring from

I wanted to wait until it stopped raining to take outside swatches but I don't think it's going to stop today, so excuse the random raindrops.

Overall I was really impressed with Paese, and I definitely want to take a look at their other shades. I just wish there were more swatches online! Consider me a fan.

Hope Monday isn't being too hard on you,


  1. Gorgeous! Used the primer on two makeup trials this weekend and the women loves it!!

  2. That colour is so nice. I can never stick to spending bans either! :)x

  3. Hmmm look interesting! Not sure if it's my colour though

  4. Wow such good value and looks gorgeous on!

  5. That's pretty gorgeous!

  6. Both of those look interesting...I am thinking the Duochromey one is very similar to Peri Pera metallic green p027.

  7. I've never heard for Paese but it looks very nice!

  8. Oh these look great! And so cheap! Must go investigate...:) x

  9. Very pretty swatches! Thanks for sharing! (=

  10. I've never heard of this brand but it seems cool!!


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