Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NOTD: TonyMoly Shooting Star (GS09)


It's turf season here at the minute, so every spare minute has been spent trying to get it home. This always means more nail breaks and less time to paint/clean/write posts/do anything. not bog-related. My ring fingernail has bitten the dust too, but on the bright side I can find my nails getting a little stronger since I started taking calcium tablets and using nail hardener (I just picked one up from Aldi's lacura range a while back).

I just had enough time this evening to swatch another of my recent eBay finds, my second Tony Moly polish. I bought 'Shooting Star' from this seller and I'd recommend them 100%.

'Shooting Star' is a milky lavender-toned polish with multicoloured glitters of various sizes, the large ones being blue, yellow and pink. I swatched it over one coat of Essence 'Enchanted Fairy' which is a light pink with lavender/blue undertones, similar to the base colour of 'Shooting Star'.

The formula was really good, and the glitter went on pretty easily. I think I used three coats of 'Shooting Star' but I could have stopped at one! It's almost like a jelly sandwich in a bottle, I had to stop myself from going overboard with any more coats. Despite the horrendous light, I did manage to get an outside picture:

It's such a pretty colour and I'm not really a pastel person. The Tony Moly milky glitters don't dry to a gritty texture either, this was super-smooth, I didn't use or need a topcoat. 

Look at the bottle shot, it's so pretty!

I'm officially in love with Tony Moly.


  1. Oh, this is so cute...will have to check out ebay see if I can find some of them!

  2. Love it Sharon! so pretty and girly :)


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