Saturday, August 4, 2012

NOTD: TonyMoly Milkyway (GS08)

This has been sitting in my drafts for ages (as you can tell from the non-nubbin middle nail, sob) so I thought I'd show it to you today. I found this polish on eBay one night and really wanted it after I saw the swatches over on The Polish Well. I'm waiting for 'Shooting Star' (GS09) to arrive in the post, but in the meantime I have swatches of 'Milky Way' for you.

The first time I used 'Milky Way', I didn't use a coloured base coat and I found it really tedious building up the colour. This time, I used a base coat of Barry M 'Blue Moon' and it made it much easier to work with. 'Milky Way' is a rumoured dupe for Deborah Lippmann 'Glitter in the Air' and Revlon 'Whimsical' but I don't have either of those polishes to compare. On to the swatches!

One coat of Barry M 'Blue Moon' with 2 coats of Milky Way.

I was a little woried that it as going to give me corpse hands, but it's warmer than it looks. As with all polishes of this type, I did have to move the larger glitters around a bit on the nail. Apart from that, the polish applied well and built up into a beautiful colour over one coat of the Barry M (which is the exact same colour as the base of this one). I got mine from this seller on eBay, and it arrived in good time and was packed well. I paid just under 6 euro including International postage.

Check back in with me later on if you're following the 15-Day Nail Challenge!

S xx


  1. ooohhh its very very pretty. eBay huh? I must go have a look there when I have a few pennies to spend!

  2. eBay is dangerous late at night! I have got a few polishes from there, no complaints :)

  3. I really like this colour, and unfortunately also love EBay:)

  4. I so wanted the revlon dupe! This looks gorgeous on you!

  5. Makeup Monster if you develop an addiction to Tony Moly don't blame me, the stuff is the definition of cute! Jenna I really didn't think it would suit me but I really liked it on! It didn't make me look too corpse-y either :)


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