Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Makeup Savvy 15 Day Nail Challenge Day 7: Neon


I hope everyone had a nice bank holiday weekend. I can't believe we're at Day 7 already, only 8 days left! Today is Neon Day.

For this, I wanted to try a stripe manicure, because it's something I've never been able to do properly before. I used to make the mistake of letting the polish dry completely before removing the tape, and I realise that's where I was going so badly wrong. I'm not even going to link to an old taped manicure, because they were just ghastly.

For today's challenge, I used:

Fearne (no name! AGH!) black from the Midnight Manicures set released for Christmas 2011; Essence Colour & Go 'Sundancer' (old polish), Catrice 'ACid/DC', and Glo Baby Glo (Primark/Penneys) UV Pink. I used that black because it's a really thick one-coater. I don't have any striping tape - I ordered some from eBay about  a month ago, but either my Postman is on the take or some post is coming through the UK and getting delayed due to the Olympics. Anyway, it hasn't arrived, so I looked through my craft box and grabbed some peel-off border stickers.

First, I painted one quick stripe of each bright colour on my nail. Then I applied the tape, painted over with black and then pulled the tape off really quickly. The result? Almost perfect stripes. That dang ring finger did NOT look as bad in reality.

I loved it. I loved it so much that I wore it all day yesterday after taking the glitter off, and I'm going to wear it all day today. Himself even remarked on it, and said it looked deadly. He also said 'I bet not that many people can do that' and I completely agreed. Never showing him a nail art blog, ever.

It looks even better from a distance:

And if you squint your eyes, there's no smudge on the ring finger at all.

Verdict? Love it. The peel-offs worked brilliantly - they're just standard ones from Anitas, you can pick them up in any shop that sells stickers or craft supplies.

See you tomorrow!

S xx

EDIT: I just got the most AMAZING nail mail from two fantastic friends. I'll pop a post up later. So excited, EEEEEEEE!!!!!

If you want to take part in the 15-Day Nail Challenge, you can find all details on Fee's blog here. You do not have to be a blogger to enter.


  1. haha I love the husband bit :P I love acid dc. Such a gorgeous colour! x

    1. It's really nice and it's one I thoughtI'd never wear but I actually use it lots! x

  2. Fab! Have you decided on wedding day nails yet????

    1. No :( But they WILL have sparkle. I've decided that much :)

  3. These are completely gorgeous! I always have trouble with tape manis...maybe I need to take some pointers from you :O)

    1. I think I'm gonna use these stickers from now on, I could never get the tape to work for me! x

  4. you are totally sailing through this challenge. another amazing design shannairl xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Amanda! I really like it, gonna try it after (I've said that about them all lol but I WILL!) x


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