Monday, August 13, 2012

eBay Haul: Kleancolor Nail Lacquer


Three months ago today, I read Allen Carr's Easyway for Women to Stop Smoking. And I stopped. And I have no desire to start again, ever. I put a tenner away here and there, and when I had a little bit saved up, I decided to splash the whole lot on nail polish. I placed one order with (I'm in the process of swatching those at the minute) and I placed another on eBay with the eBay store Joy's Cosmetics. I can't recommend them highly enough, if I could give them feedback of ten stars I would. I bought the lot of 12 Kleancolors and got to choose my own colours from hundreds of options. I ordered on August 3rd, and they arrived safely today, so it only took 10 days to get to Ireland (and that included a bank holiday and two weekends!) Wanna see? Course you do!

They came tightly packed in a little brown box, that I opened to reveal this:

I love the cute little sticker! When I opened the bubble wrap, there was a gorgeous NYX lipliner in Mahogany included as a little surprise.

Then the polish. They were divided into two little boxes of six.

I was delighted to see the boxes, because storage is a huge issue for me at the minute - in that I ran out a long time ago and I'm on the hunt for something bigger to keep my polish in. I think I may have found a big enough box on Littlewoods online, I'll let ye know when it arrives!

Back to the polish - here are the contents of box one:

And box two:

I can't swatch them until the nail challenge is over, and I didn't have time to do the whole practice finger thing again, so here are some bottle shots and macros, I tried to get them as true to life as possible, so look at the swatches in the square inserts for a true representation of the colour. Enjoy the polish spam!

Bite Me. Thick red glitter with silver through it.

Blue Satin: Dark navy with microglitter and holo bar glitter. I've just only
copped that I've written 'Stain' instead of Satin. I do that every single time
I have to write that word, it's a disease. Don't mock diseases.

Chunky Holo Black: Mixed holo glitters in dark base. Gorgeous!

City Never Sleeps: Aqua glitter with larger pink & gold glitters

Golden Nightmare: Almost-black with gold glitter. 

Holo Chrome: Purple/blue holo. Amazing!

Kiss Goodbye: Amazing purple/pink toned almost-holo.

Lavenbaby: Adorable lavender creme. Great name!

Neon Orange: Amazing bright orange. Blinding!

Shining Sea: My camera hated this. Seriously bright blue foil-like with
blue glitter particles. Gritty finish. Gorgeous!

Shooting Star: Multicoloured glitters in a peach base.

Twinkly Love: Holo hearts in a clear base. LOVE.

So, there you go. The whole order including shipping cost just over e30, which was brilliant considering the price of some polishes. It's not something I'm going to be doing every week, but I will definitely build up my Kleancolor wishlist and buy from this seller again.

Highly, highly recommended.


  1. I demand that you kidnap someone and use their hands to swatch these bad boys immediately!

    1. I'm going to start them this week, no need for crimes (yet) :)

  2. Wow, great haul, love all those gorgeous polishes. I am anxious to sea them on your nails!

    1. They're so lovely! I can't wait to see them on properly either :)

  3. I have hauled Klean color polishes a few times now and they are all great. Only problem is the stink factor! I have a couple of the ones you picked, but can't wait to see your swatches. Especially of City Never Sleeps, I was so close to that being one of mine!

    1. They are pretty smelly but still not as bad as Models Own! I'll do that one first :)

  4. Oh, I love Kleancolor polishes! You even got a few of my favorites here.

    1. They look really good, can't wait to use them! :)

  5. Wow there are some amazing colours there. Will definitely be looking up that eBay seller! X

    1. The service was excellent, one of the best sellers I've used and I've bought a LOT of polish online! x

  6. Wow there are some amazing colours there. Will definitely be looking up that eBay seller! X

  7. I bought a set of 12 from ebay too! One of my colors, and maybe my favorite, is shooting star :)


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