Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Night Song #23

Hey guys, tonight's SNS is a new release from Irish band Hogan.

It's the perfect summer tune, and if it's not stuck in your head after the first listen, then I'll eat my virtual hat. I heard this song once (on iRadio) and found myself humming it hours later - I'm ashamed to say I'd never heard of the band before now, and it's a shame.

Considering the crap that passes as music now (you a stupid hoe, anyone?!), a little gem like this should be shared and spread around. Please, request it on your local radio station, buy it on iTunes HERE  and share the video to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (if anyone still uses that) and wherever. It's magic, go and download it from iTunes now and get it into your headphones, it's the best walking/running song I've heard in ages!

Hogan will be on FM104 tomorrow night (Sunday July 28th) on this week's Open Mic slot playing some tunes and having a chat so pop it on and have a listen.

Support Irish Music!

Check out for more info.

S xx


  1. Can't listen now but will check back in later - love the sentiment of the post! xo

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