Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Night Song #21

Hey guys! I've picked something a little different this week.

I discovered Kate Miller Heidke by accident one evening on Youtube. You know how it goes - you start off looking at the new Katy Perry video, then ten videos later you're in an obscure little corner full of things you've never heard before. I stumbled across Kate's song Caught in the Crowd and spent the next hour watching all the videos I could find. I thoroughly recommend some of her live videos if you're after something different - she's a clever, witty, talented singer with a wicked sharp sense of humour and her personality shines through in every one of her live peformances.

Kate is an Australian singer/songwriter, and this song appears on her current album Nightflight, her third solo studio album.  I loved it instantly and must have hit replay six or seven times. The entire album is well worth a listen, you can get it on Amazon or iTunes.

This song, Sarah, was inspired by true events - the following is from Kate's website:

"This story happened to a friend of mine, one of my best friends from High School, and the story's told from her point of view. It was nearly all real details - I've used some literary licence - but it's mostly real. In Grade 9, her friend went missing at a music festival and two weeks later, just turned up at her parents' house with no memory of where she had been. My friend was never allowed to see her again, because everybody blamed her. To this day, my friend doesn't know what happened, because her parents broke off contact. My friend and I had a sleepover in Grade 10, and she told this story to me over several hours while we were lying in our beds with our lights off. I've never forgotten it. It was a story that has always haunted me."

It's probably ridiculous to anyone from Australia that I'm even describing Kate as 'new', considering her lengthy career, but she is sadly not known very well in these parts. Have you discovered any 'new' or interesting music lately?

S xx


  1. I only recently (like this week) got into the Dubliners! I love Irish music so I have no idea why it took so long to get into them

  2. Ah, the Dubliners! I remember the year I really got into Irish music, it was my first year in college and I was raving about the Dubliners, Luke Kelly, the Pogues, the Wolfe Tones - happy memories :) Check out The High Kings ;-)


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